mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

the legendary children

along with giorgio moroder- patrick cowley is one of the most important architects of dance music- ever. he died very early on in the AIDS crisis, leaving a gaping hole in dance music. i can't help but think the loss of an entire generation of artistic and musical talent over the tragic course of the 80s contributes to the sad state of so many popular art forms today. house music drags it's ratty haunches along sounding all the same along with 'alternative' and the sad mess that is techno or industrial or whatever you kids call it now so you won't have to face that it's fucking ghey dance music. it's fucking disco, dolly!

this was all done manually- by knob twiddling, an army of synths and tape manipulation long before DAWs.

his remix of i feel love:

fanning myself furiously:

cowley is most commonly associated with the legendary sylvester who died december 16 1988 from, again, complications from AIDS. one of disco's greatest divas. do you wanna funk and you make me feel (mighty real)-solid classics.

this was remixed by larry levan, another of the legendary children( gay but died from complications arising from drug abuse.). cover by another AIDs victim keith haring:


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