mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" Come on, Barbie/ let's go party"

Akmed's Totally Gay Day.

A Guide for the Blonde and Bedeviled.

i knew mentioning barbie in a post would only lead to trouble or her hideous, apocalyptic appearance in my life. yes barbie was just bound to raise her dyed blonde head- the great white coasting into my life like Moby Ditz.

there's a huge box in the walk in. none of the colombians want to talk about it. one keeps saying 'you do.. you do.' everyone's english and spanish disappears into the sugary mist, the aura of Her beguiling stupid cakey sweet broken bodice.

my boss is no where around. just barbie, with a melting cracked cake dress sitting her lily white ass in my walk in. wanting something. asking for it...


fianally i track down someone who knows what this bimbo is doing hanging around my bakery half clad in a cardboard box with a cone of tinfoil shoved up her back.

" she's from a cake made by another bakery that fell apart . can you please fix her?"

oh yes i'll fix her, alright.
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