mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"the ghost of aviation/ she was swallowed by the sky or by the sea"

i've been madly in love with joni mitchell ever since i can recall. ' for the roses' was one of my very first favorite albums when i was still in the single digits. she's a fucking genius and so lovely too. her songs are complex, layered and yet with a jazz tinged pop sensibility so if you're prone to see her as an airy fairy folk chick you couldn't be more wrong. she creates amazing beauty in the world and that's something that's just always too scarce. a triple scorpio, today is her birthday.

when i saw her live in the 90s she went into this monologue about beethoven before doing ' big yellow taxi'( the only joni song anyone ever covers disappointingly or perhaps because it sort of is lesser joni just as well). apparently in his lifetime the only music he created that he benefited from financially and with some degree of fame was what he saw as dumb ditties for music boxes not the work he saw as his true gift and what eventually became his profound legacy. she then went on to say, basically- "so in my lifetime i guess i too will be remembered for the worst piece of crap i ever wrote"- and then she launched into big yellow taxi.

amelia is one of the most haunting songs- it's an entire journey. fascinating.

the best song ever written about smack.

joni is one of the few people to have emerged from the hippy dippys and their summer of love and to have been brutally honest about the slavery and shallowness of drug abuse and how it decimated her generation- and all while they were all still coasting on the vibe of it merrily. she has also long been an equally brutal critic of the music industry which is nothing more than a greedy soul crushing selfish slothful whore. joni remains one of the few contemporary musicians who appears to think about things besides the trite hackneyed romantic blah of most popular song writers. and while she often portrays herself as cold and overly analytical her songs make her sensitivity and thoughtfulness apparent without being stilted stiff or pedantic. kate bush has the same sort of thang going on- scarily insightful poetic women.

"dance with the lady with the hole in her stocking/ didn't it feel good?"


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