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Why don't the GoGos give blow jobs?

Because their Lips are Sealed.

i have had some sort of sick fun amid the ignorant SHORT honkie hoards of allston.

i lived around the corner from this bar for years- you drunken asshole jocks you smashed into my fabulous parked ford crown victoria a million times leaving cornhole irishanglo closet case jock drunken heaven pigsty bars- how i hated you.

still- fuck you- but that was more fun then pistol whipping BU students and strangling them until their eyes pop out.

the last time i heard lou reed in a bar i played it and at least i had the dignity not to bring a microphone and blather on lamely about my 'girlfriend' while everyone in their right mind screamed 'gay' after hearing kim wilde doing ' you keep me hanging on'.

girl, you not foolin' anyone.. men dressed up as Destiny's Child be drivin' 'round and 'round you house- making you wish tina turner would give you fashion tips. they making you vogue , girl..!!!!!

yes, i have dignity. fool- grow up, you big homo, and embrace your true self so we dont have to wade through your excursions into green day- we know you want to be kim wilde.

we all do.

ps thank you michael and emilytbm- that was the titty bomb.

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