mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

reform school kitties or mr. mitten's home for wayward tortie girls

so since farah went beyond the veil i've been withdrawn and depressed. it's just worse with a young cat- she was barely out of kittenhood .it just weighs heavier on your heart. and she was so sweet- serene even. luckily, work has been busy so i haven't had much time to dwell and mope too much.get up, go to work for hours and hours, come home, sleep and dream weird dreams.

the rest of the girls were shell shocked. for weeks they've clung to me- i move in a pack at home. i look up and they're all in the same room staring at me. it's like they don't want me out of their sight. djinn was following me to the door, trying to go to work with me. so i've been giving them extra attention and support. they're grieving.

i could think of no better way to get over losing a life except by saving one.

or two.

perhaps i haven't waited the respectable amount of time- less than a month- but a situation arouse with what can only be called a house feral who was living in a small cat carrier because no one would adopt her and the shelter was out of space. and she's a tortie.

they called her ' shy' but she seems semi-feral. she had an elderly owner who passed on and they were uncertain how much human interaction she has had. she's quite young. the 'cat glove' had to make an appearance to get her into my carrier. she howled the over 1 hour drive home from rhode island and she hid when i got her here. but the minute i went into the kitchen at night and picked up a can of cat food she came running around the corner and made a bee line for was only then i saw how beautiful she is. and soft. she was even up for some vogueing this afternoon.

they called her tulip- imagine! i think she's a Tallulah. i didn't realize it but that name means ' leaping water' in choctaw. it's also a close anglicization of the gaelic name tuilelaith- lady of abundance.

while they were trying to hunt the formerly miss tulip up- they let her out of the little carrier during the day and she was hiding- of all the cats in their cages one wee tortie was watching me. i went over to her cage to say hi and she stuffed her paw out and started petting my face.the woman who arranges these adoptions said that they were also having trouble placing her because "people think torties are 'scary' looking."

'scary' looking? how could anyone be frightened of this face?

so i took her too. i would have been haunted by her face if i left her behind.she's super lovey dovey and is already sitting in my lap and following me like a puppy. not a hint of the tortietude but she takes no shit from the other cats even though she's a little pea sized thing.she's kitten tiny but they tell me she's already had a litter. someone dumped her and one of her kittens on the shelter stoop. they were flea infested and from the looks of her now emaciated. she is so teeny- she doesn't even look a year old. people are stupid fucking assholes. all this sort of misery caused by irresponsible humans.

they named her pebbles at the shelter. so, that has to change. of course, my other cats are most jealous of her hanging off me and they call her ' fucking bitch whore'. it hasn't been very disruptive, really, considering i dropped two cheap ( 15 dollar bargain bin adoption fee) rhode island pussies on them. lots of hurt feelings and smoldering glares and some hissing but not as bad as i expected.felines get jealous especially the female lady cats of calico origins. the only one who is 'oh well whatever' is the lady chablis who is so like persia that way( except in size. she's getting huge now but they say the siberians don't get their full growth until they're 5 or 6 years old.she's not so much chunky as solid. omg- she is burly soviet kitty. in former soviet union, you sit on cat's lap).

so in honor of the film 'reform school girls' and the new ' ladies', here's legendary child wendy o. williams who despite her on stage personae was a kind hearted, sweet and shy person, deeply devoted to animals.she took her own life. people, things and tortie cats are often not what they seem - what we opt to project on them.

after her revolutionary aggressively taunting musical career - no one in rock was arrested more and usually simply for showing or touching her own body- sick of ' dealing with people', she moved to the woods of Conn. with her significant other where she was a registered wildlife rehabilitator and an herbalist- known to some as ' the squirrel lady'.the world is full of violence hatred and neglect . the music industry is filled with misogyny, hypocrisy, and avarice . wendy's exposed nipples caused more outrage, more reproach and made her the target of more male free floating violence than any public cruel real action by any celebrity male. wendy had the shit beat out of her by cops in milwaukee as they arrested her for ' simulating sex' on stage. oj simpson slaughters 2 humans brutally and the chicken shit cops won't even arrest him, following that fucking white bronco for hours.women are just suppose to show their tits and snatch , do whatever men want, and shut the fuck up not saw things in half and blow up things while pretending to be sexually stimulated by the violence.she was fucking reading their beads- showing them what really stimulated them- only their victims are humans, perhaps even animals, not guitars and cars and tv sets.


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