mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

farah gets fondled, djinn discovers a career path, mittens remembers things past

dr. stefanie came yesterday for the first time so i could start a treatment plan for farah- who is still stable and doing ok considering.i just love this woman. i am so glad she's my vet.

and djinn apparently likes her too and wants to be her vet tech.generally cats can smell a vet and they no like but djinn was smitten. she followed dr. stefanie around and went through her bags of equipment and tried to help her fill farah's vitamin shots for the sub q bags.cats always hate the scent of all that medicine stuff but djinn started pawing through a box of hypos, la la la. busy vet tech cat is busy.when i think about the vet or the cat carrier- just think about them- they seem to know and everyone hides.djinn apparently wants to play doctor. she was completely fascinated with the vet and farah's exam. everyone else hid.

they have actually all- except for nixie, the sister( whom the doctor called ' husky'!)- been very sweet toward farah. cats have been known to attack sick cats to keep them away- or at the very least they avoid and isolate them. my girls sleep with farah and eat out of the same bowl and rub against her. nixie is the only one who avoids her- and i can't tell if that's because she's jealous that i've been giving her sister a lot more attention lately.nixie has become wildly possessive of me. if she sees another cat near me, she runs over and tries to get between us. i guess i am her bitch. the husky cat digs me.

farah's blood pressure is high so we've added a medication for it. dr. stefanie added vitamins to the sub q fluids and we're going to eliminate dry food entirely- only moist from now on. it's expected in chronic renal failure that her kidneys would have shriveled up- but they have not which is odd.this would indicate something more like a cancer or some sort of infection or a genetic condition. the ultra sound should have showed up any infection but dr. s told me that she has found that they are often misread or, rather, misinterpreted. we'll wait to see if her blood pressure goes down, the dr. will review her tests from emergency then we'll see if another ultra sound is's all about waiting.

in the meantime because farah is feeling better it's getting harder and harder to medicate her which is actually a good sign. cats being cats when they're too weak to fight back you know they're really feeling poorly. i thought the fluids would be the worst- but once i grab her by her scruff and poke that needle in she becomes quite only takes about a minute. it's the pills and the gross minty phosphorous binder i have to stuff in her mouth that bring out the feral in her. my arms are lacerated. but it's worth it. the last thing i want to do when i get home from work is wrestle with a pissed off tortie, poking my fingers in her maw but she's worth it.

and i've been having the oddest dreams, mostly about the past. i am not sure i want to dig up this stuff but you can't dictate to your subconscious it's the other way ' round. this song is pretty much the gayness to the nth degree and it reminds me of someone always. this is the best version -which hadn't been on youtube. stephen 'tin tin' duffy was one of the founders of duran duran but left before they became insanely popular.more of the 80s club style we never get to hear.


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