mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

profiles in tyranny

way back when senator waffles kerry was running for president, the senior balloon and lady's swim coach teddy-kins kennedy was behind a change in state law which had previously called for the sitting governor (at that time republican RINO mittens romney) to appoint the replacement for any senator leaving office before his/her term was up. because the democrat hacks that perpetually run this state didn't want no republican having THAT power, they opted for the more fair, voter focused' let's run it like a real democratic representative republic' option of requiring a special election. although their reason was gross and ultimately self serving at the expense of the consent of the governed, what we now have in place is that we decide with whom to replace a leaving or dying or run out of office senator.

now that ted's about to drive off that great big rainbow bridge- he has terminal brain cancer- he wants to change the law he had changed back: to allow for the governor- now democrat de-evolve patrick- to again pick the replacement to run out his term ( which ends in 2012). the bitch now claims, of course, he agrees that the first change was right and correct- because the uh voter's get to pick their representative( wow-imagine...)- but that his precious baby the health care reform won't pass without his own personal vote for it .( kennedy isn't the only democratic senator who is MIA from the senate- bobby big bird who is over 90 has been seriously ill. missing even 1 vote allows for a filibuster to stop any bill.) it's just too important for the people to decide who they want representing them especially when kennedy's lifelong dream of complete control over the populous under both debt slavery and full government life control( democrats call this ' health care') is on the line. it's kennedy's way or right off the highway and into the drink.

if he had resigned when he first knew of the severity of his illness, we could have already had a special election to replace him. but he just couldn't give it up. we'll pry his senate seat and ' his ' vote( it's our fucking vote)out of his dead fucking cold hands apparently. this situation pretty much boils down to the essence of what's wrong with government-those in power think it's all about them and what they want. democrats in particular are so freaked out by the loud and vocal opposition to their orwellian health care phRma boondoggle and ball and slavery contract with america because the concept that they rule at the consent of those governed- the core ideology of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence- is alien to them. one senator even opined he would vote against the wishes of his constituents ' for their own good' no matter what the majority wanted. pelosi and her band of rabid hormonal mutts in the congress have characterized anyone who opposes their regal pronouncements and mandates opps i mean ' legislation' as unamerican,part of unruly mob of nazi racist astroturf- manufactured dissent to the most "ethical and transparent congress evah".

and so they howl like babies when you, the voter who is actually the true source of all the power theoretically and constitutionally, take the rattle of power away from them. only this time it's god doing the taking. the dead have no power. no one can be paid off, no one can be bullied and threatened and cajoled in order to keep a fucking corpse propped up on their throne. but they do try.

in the end, it's not only arrogant but sick and pathetic.liberal democrats like kennedy are damaged people acting out of dysfunction and personal power greed- although they are not entirely unique on the political landscape for their arrogant and undemocratic behaviors and actions- based in a motivation for personal power that seems to mark everyone who runs for political office. they have just made their psychologically unhinged and totalitarian ideals into 'humane', 'fair' ' equality based' 'social policies' that they posit as the defining creed of their party. their nanny state liberalism, bastard spawn of the 60s upper middle class white guilt tripping cum community activism for fascism read socialism, is merely re-visioned serfdom with enlightened kings and queens like obama , pelosi et al on top and us on the bottom obeying. it's everything the founding fathers were trying to avoid when setting up our government. government governs best that governs least. and teddy kennedy is one of the best examples of why we need term limits on senators.

representatives should ALWAYS be accountable to the people and always always always chosen by them. if not , we do not have a functioning democracy in accord with the constitution.

i think the voters should decide who represents them not ted kennedy or any other elected official of any party. tell them if you feel the same.

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