mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

private nether regions

farah's levels- most of them- have come back into normal or at least readable range after hydration. the blood on her mouth- actually in her drool- that first freaked me out and caused me to bring her in- was probably from ulcers somewhere in her digestive track- a complication of the renal failure. if she does not have some sort of infection or blockage , it probably means she does have an inherited condition. they're doing an ultrasound today which should hopefully give us some answers.

if she can be stabilized- and her numbers falling back to earth indicate she can be-i can bring her home and will have to give her the sub-q fluids daily like i had to do with alice (alice also had renal failure but it was the result of old age , common enough in cats). l, 58k( that was the lady chablis typing. you'll have to ask her directly what she meant.) they tell me she won't eat and is acting more her feral self- which really is a sign she's feeling better. farah only recently will eat while i am in the same room with her. she's that shy. the hospital has been pretty good about having a semi-feral gal and they understand her behavior. one of the reasons i waited so long for my house call vet to come back from vacation was that taking a feral out of where she feels safe is fraught with problems, in the end impacting their wellness and progress through the stress they are put under. she desperately needs to eat- but won't because she's scared and out of her territory and only trusts me. of course they will sustain her through medical means but cats are the ultimate home bodies-anything that will freak them out is better done where they feel safe and secure. nothing freaks even a former feral out more than strangers who want to put shiny instruments near them and want to feel their undersides. and thank goddess for those thermometers that don't have to be plunged into the private nether regions.

i don't believe kurt and courtney's child is 17 years old.

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