mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

red is on the loose!

time to break out the celebratory manson hand jive- squeaky fromme is released from prison:

squeaks wasn't implicated in any of the manson crimes even though she remained one of his staunchest supporters and was living with the family when the crimes occurred. she was actually in prison for a bizarre quasi- attempt on the life of then president gerald ford years after the manson murders.she apparently did this so charlie could testify at her trial. it wasn't allowed.

as far as i recall, she was still claiming alliance with charlie because as we know charlie is love. while other family members have renounced him and their own crimes and expressed remorse, she has not. no other incarcerated family member has been granted parole except for the only one left who continues to support him.

occasionally, instead of blaming herself or manson for her involvement with sick hippie fascists and killers, she blames her own biological father for ' not knowing how to talk" to her.

so they're a bunch of sick old fucks now who have done a lot of time. who cares. the lack of sympathy we have for crime victims is appalling while public support of killers and victimizers seems to know no bounds. besides sharon tate who else can you name that the manson family murdered? everyone knows who manson is- he's a counterculture hero and media clown- wind him up and he gives miles of demented tv footage.

after manson was arrested, filthy hippies elected him ' man of the year' in san francisco. responsible for the butchering of a pregnant woman for no reason whatsoever-groovy, man. far out. what a radical hero.

fuck that shit.

honor the dead, the dead are holy. honor the sisters of your friends.

national organization of the parents of murdered children

national victims' constitutional amendment project( you may be surprised to learn that the dead legally have no constitutional rights):

national crime victim law institute:

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