mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Mass health reform destroys hospitals! a glimpse at obamacare in action

oh yes we can! change! hope!

"A hospital that serves thousands of indigent Massachusetts residents sued the state on Wednesday, charging that its costly universal health care law is forcing the hospital to cover too much of the expense of caring for the poor.

The hospital, Boston Medical Center, faces a $38 million deficit for the fiscal year ending in September, its first loss in five years. The suit says the hospital will lose more than $100 million next year because the state has lowered Medicaid reimbursement rates and stopped paying Boston Medical “reasonable costs” for treating other poor patients.

“We filed this suit more in sorrow than in anger,” said Elaine Ullian, the hospital’s chief executive. “We believe in health care reform to the bottom of our toes, but it was never, ever supposed to be financed on the backs of the poor, and that’s what has happened in Massachusetts.”- abby goodnough

health reform "HAS NEVER HAPPENED" in the state with the model that is replicated in both bills now in the US congress. and this is coming from a hospital and health professionals. not insurance companies, not lord obama and missy prissy scar face pelosi- up over the glass ceiling and pissing all over the rest of us. why is no one in congress ramming the commonwealth in obama's puss and screaming," it does not fucking work!" .where are we going to go when the hospitals are all bankrupted? the truth is it will always be the poor and the working middle classes that will be so devastatingly harmed by this power grab and boondoggle. the wealthy and the politicians who are wealthy mind you will never face the deprivations that will be forced on the average people- all with what is our fucking money. they don't want no obama care but it's good enough for you and we'll tax the fuck out of you if you don't buy it.

why has the media- reporters who are suppose to investigate and report facts, only provided a platform for obama's personal agenda like happy shuffling minstrels? why has no media in MA truly brought to light the failure MA health reform has been and will be for the entire country? why are you afraid to question men with dark skin in power- i mean, i am just asking, is that your problem, boys and girls in congress and the media? tyranny in any color is tyranny. stop being pussies. obama with the behest of miffed power hungry after years of bush demotools are acting like a king and his court of nobles- doing whatever the hell they want as if there's no constitution and no separation of powers. congress makes the laws according to the will of the people. period. obama is making the laws and pelosi is forcing democrats to be his rubber stamp. this is not how it is suppose to be.the first job of the president is to uphold the constitution. obama is ignoring it like some dictator for life in latin america or africa which makes sense because he's never seen a nazi tyrant marxist he doesn't want to give a tongue bath to.

these race baiting class warfare waging RICH people, politicians, have to be stopped. they are rich you know - much more wealthy than those they claim are wealthy like the average small business owner/ job creator who is making about 100,000 to 250,000 a year.( in MA we have one of the highest costs of living in the country. a family of 4 on 100 thou is stretching it and definitely not eating bon bons, drinking champagne and lying around the hot tub burning 100 dollar bills every night.)they have exempted themselves from obama care( let's be serious- would guv'nr de- evolve patsy ever have to sit around in the old boston city for hours trying to get care? he got 8 million fucking dollars to write a book about what a great leader he's been as the state goes to pot. obama outright refused to answer the question of whether he'd, as he demands americans do, use obamacare. no fucking way is the answer-he'd get ' the best care'.) sure bush was a moron however in 6 months this hope and change dhimmi has plunged us headlong into a complete economic melt down and train wreck and he shows no signs of stopping just spending, taxing, snipping away at your personal( what's more personal than the right to decide for the care of your body and health?) rights, privacy( the first porkulus bill had provisions for a health care scheme to track americans electronically through their medical records- no media expose and screaming about that. it's a profound violation of privacy. your medical records should be sacred like the confessional. there are practitioners right now through the country suing the government over this.) and draining us of our wealth.

it's all about control- drive everyone into poverty and force them to depend on the is the only thing that assures your freedom and control over your being. money appears to be the only thing that gets you policy and laws in our corrupted government. jello biafra was right- the fucking liberals are even worse than the republicans.

obama's pals in iran with their wonderful democracy are using rape to control demonstrators. and the left in america finally notices:
most of us who know anything about iran know they've always used torture and rape to control their citizens. the koran says it's ok and obama says we have to respect that. when calling you a racist if you don't agree with obama no longer works when will those in power shift to applying more forceful methods of compliance to our own citizens?

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