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because of my religious beliefs i opt out of the disastrous health insurance mandate in this state. that said, i also believe everyone has a right to their own body guaranteed by my goddess and the constitution. people should be able to choose what HEALTH CARE they want not have it dictated to them by the government and private industry( read: insurance companies not doctors or nurses or health care professionals or traditional/eastern healers) (witches heal, by the way.) which is what the onerous MA health care reform does.

like many, i make too much money for free care- so any argument that i therefore would ' cost the taxpayers money' is's frankly none of anyone's fucking business whether someone not utilizing free care or public aid has health insurance or not and i do not feel any obligation to have to pay for your food, car, health insurance, house etc. i do not however make enough money to comfortably purchase a private policy without destroying myself financially for a product and services i will never willingly use if forced to purchase them. raping the working middle class, not soaking the rich, is the MA way of forcing the have not a lots to pay for the have nots. oh, that seems fair. one wonders what the state will do when there's no one left to pay the taxes- and tax revenues in the state have been dwindling for years- or provide employment because they cannot afford the costs of doing business.

however if any one bothers to read the law in MA, the government here curtails the kinds of insurance one can buy forcing one to have to purchase the highest priced insurance products in the entire country. uh, wasn't this reform suppose to, as obamascare is suppose to do, lower insurance prices and preserve options? as costs continue to sky rocket for both insurance and care, unemployment soars in the state and people continue to leave because the costs of living and doing business here have become prohibitive. small businesses- the bulk of the job producers in the state and the country- are inordinately effected by both Ma care and the proposed obamacare forcing them to lay off employees or simply to cease doing business. insurance companies, who bid on providing the care the state deems appropriate ( decided by a highly paid board of- guess- insurance company ex and current employees only not anyone involved in actual caring for the health of human beings), have left the state in droves rather than conform to the dictates and prices of the reform thus eradicating even the thin semblance of a free market full of choice for the consumer. if you oppose insurance companies or industrialized health care and pharmaceutical companies( obama received the most campaign funds from evil pharma companies like monsantos- more than double what the republicans and john mccain got) and wish to have a medical health savings account or a high deductable, lower priced emergency and catastrophic illness only policy- readily available in other states- the state prohibits them and goes as far as dictating what deductable is allowed even if you are able and willing to pay a higher one. this is not choice .these policies have not and will not bring health care and health insurance prices down- only the free market and checking fraud and abuse will or reverting to a single payer system. this is political and economic tyranny in service to not idealism or socialism but in essence government control of its citizens and paying off the big businesses - like insurance companies and the pharmacuetical companies- that fund politicians like obama by forcing people to buy their products or be punished, in some cases driven to economic and personal ruin.

in fact MA now has the highest insurance premiums and highest health care costs in the entire country and the state's finances have been devastated by the very reform that was supposedly going to bring in affordabilty and patient choice on a plate, even though the structure of the reform inherently limited consumer choice from the get go. that de-evolve patrick has yet to admit the states' dire straits are provably caused primarily by the health insurance( not care. health insurance is not health care) reform seems to indicate that- and recall he's friends with the 'bamarama- any public admittance of costs here spiraling out of control while those with state subsidized care and taxpayer subsidized insurance escalates due to the economics of our times and the highest unemployment rates in decades is the outcome of the exact type of health care reform the president wants to ram down our throats irrespective of the proof that it does not work, is economically irresponsible, unfairly targets small business and the lower middle class( forcing people to buy health insurance they cannot afford from a private concern or fining them if they don't is an imposition of an onerous tax . why is punishing citizens who are not even close to being ' rich' because they are too poor to afford insurance right and acceptable? if they can't afford what the insurance companies insist they must pay how can they afford the tax/fine? ) and rations care as it's only cost saving device.

all that said, like the economy destroying cap and trade bill rammed through congress by the president and democrats( a bill most of them did not read and is violently objected to by republicans, libertarians, independents, moderate and conservative democrats, consumers, the middle class- even greenpeace -and has already proven a complete failure to achieve anything but unemployment and high taxes on the least likely to be able to afford it in europe- so much so countries like spain that enacted similar legislation quickly repealed it. even the presidents' own hand picked EPA says it will do nothing to lower greenhouse gas emissions. the planet has actually also been in a cooling cycle for the last 10 years and the polar ice cap has been growing- by the way.) the very much like massachusetts health care reform is now trying to be rammed through the system. i strongly urge everyone who cares about their rights, their health care and their continued employment to read up on the Mass disaster and the profound violation of our rights this represents. and it will not work and cannot be born economically. there are other bills in congress that provide for unmandated choice, a tax neutral, consumer/patient oriented health care reform that is fair, offers tax breaks not taxes, doesn't cost trillions of dollars and returns control for health to consumers and health care practitioners. the current bill is a piggish sop to insurance companies that will destroy not reform our health care that is for all its problems still one of the best most innovative in the world -and most expensive. forcing people to buy what they cannot afford is not reform- it perpetuates a broken system and forces people into poverty while at the same time claiming it saves the working poor/middle class from catastrophic medical costs. the problem with it IS government- medicare is government health care and it's in unsustainable economic turmoil . because medicare/medicaid dictates price to hospitals and doctors, it raises the prices for the rest of us. MA micromanaging what care is accepetable to insurance companies not patients and doctors, kills choice and drives prices through the roof and removes your control over your body and care and hands it to for profit companies. all of it forced on you by the state.

doctors- you know health care professionals not sleazy big business shills ie the insurance companies-are adamantly opposed to obama's reforms yet they have been dismissed out of hand by a man who once stated we had 57 states in the union and that mandated health insurance was wrong. why aren't we listening to doctors and nurses and not politicians and the insurance companies? why are doctors irrelevant but the democrats and obama dragged out a hollywood actress who plays a nurse on tv to swoon over obamacare? it would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. in essence it's probably not constitutional either.

if you care- call your congress people in both houses and give them an earful. stop this crazy thing. ask yourself- if this obamacare is so good for the country and the citizen, why has congress exempted itself from it and tried to exempt union members from it?( as another aside- unions are big democratic contributors. they are also disproportionately made up of white males. anything in the government benefitting unions over other workers de facto discriminates against minorities and females.) if the government is the only answer to economic ruin be it in health care or banking or the auto industry why is unemployment getting higher each day, social security and medicare are on the point of collapse, the auto industry tanking despite bail outs and mortgage defaults continuing to rise at historic levels?

here's government run health care at work- and it's victims are native american. we call this racism. you can have some too, if you like hope and change so much:

"universal health care is not worth our freedom"

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