mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens


i caught an amazing haul of goodness-and it's probably the most money i've dropped at one time on thrift crate diving.

razormaid is a remix service for djs- and a particularly good one. their forte is right up my lederhosen- alternative , good club 80s and that early still obscure alternative and industrial from the late 80s. anyone can subscribe and their prices are reasonable. i got their remix set of depeche mode for fif-e cen'. bargain of the fucking year.

if you do subscribe, you can't disperse their stuff in any manner or they cut you off. it's part of their agreement with the copyright holders of the material they remix. so you never heard it from me that allegedly you can hear some of their amazingly good remixes by entering their name in search fields of boobtube or some such.

mouse on mars is a more interesting daft punk or basement jaxx. their stuff is not easy to find. live 04 and niun niggung.

whatever became of severed heads? completely forgotten.these were hits in the late 80s- rotund for success they were- and yes they were way ahead.

big car

hot with fleas

all saints day


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