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Mrs Slocombe (of the Ladies Separates and Underwear Dpt. ) dies

what the fuck is going on? we loved mrs. slocombe and her pussy. and she liked fast cars. hot.

"Away from showbusiness, Mollie Sugden enjoyed gardening, cooking and driving fast cars. "I used to speed about in a Porsche," she told an interviewer in 1995. "But seven or eight years ago I was done for doing 92mph on the motorway, so now I drive a Mercedes."

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Ok...I was pretty bummed about Farrah and BILLY MAYS...but this one is truly TRULY sad.

Also, she was known as PHENOMENAL baker....in one of the PBS special all the cast members raved about the stuff she would bring in..

and a fast car person...damn :(

oh i didn't know about the baking. she did seem like she'd be a good baker though.

i didn't realize that her assistant, miss brahms aka wendy richards died of breast cancer this past feb.

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