mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

she had to leave..... los angeles...

i have oh well how unfortunate and sad for his family feelings about jacko (my favorite songs involving him are older Jackson's tunes- actually ABC, which i played all the time even at goth nights because it's a fucking great dance song, and ben because it's a creepy song about a rat- a love song to a rat. now that's goth.)mostly because his solo output all sort of sounds the same( he uses that hooting sound way too much enough so that's it's embarrassing) and because of the sad side show his life was turned into- this is exactly how poisonous fame can be. this is how it destroys people and ravages their talents. i love music, maybe more than most however the idolatry of celebrities disgusts and disturbs me and ultimately i think it destroys the artistry it pretends to celebrate and adore. and his so called innovative dance moves came slightly updated from the sublime and beautiful nicholas brothers who do it so much better. brothers had to have their knees replaced, damn it. they always take my breath away. look how they use those hands- like they're releasing bats- goth! and anyone looks a damn sight hotter in a tux and tails than in red leather....

what really personally upset me more was the passing of farrah fawcett. if you haven't seen 'extremities' or 'the burning bed'- you HAVE to. they are feminist landmarks and she is awesome in both hollywood appearing in a film where a male instead of a female is hideously tortured doesn't make you popular. it's only the rape murder and abuse of women that's seen as sexy and exciting- appropriate use of the female and box office gold. the rape and prolonged torture of males( in extremities the guy is a rapist farah fights back against and imprisons) is unseemly and unnecessarily cruel , inappropriate for the public forum because other males might wince and try to protect their dicks. it's no wonder that buddy cole in the kids in the hall, in the middle of a long, hilarious monologue disemboweling homophobic comedians stops and says triumphantly ," i feel just like farrah fawcett in 'extremities'!"

one might think my cat farah is named after the actress however she's not, not directly anyway. i wanted to give one of my then new cats a persian/arabic name in honor of the passing of persia mohammad persia- may her name be praised- and farah means happiness in persian. however her full name is officially farah fawcett-minor and that was taken from an X song. ' los angeles' is really about a punk girlfriend of exene's who was calling herself farah fawcett- minor. i know my farah would probably not much like the idle rich but she seems fine with mexicans and homosexuals and joooooosss and black folks. persia's original ' handler' found her on the streets of LA (girl has to make a living you know, even deposed iranian princesses) and later had to leave and flew with persia and daughter to boston. she told me her last day in LA and flight was exactly like in the song. the best band from la la land ever there was there was- X:

(and i had that clock that was bought on hollywood blvd. the day she left for years afterwards. along with persia and sylvia of course.)


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