mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

the bro has got to go or obscure. obfuscate. deny.

"President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Monday that the Islamic burqa is not welcome in France, branding the face-covering, body-length gown as a symbol of subservience that suppresses women's identities and turns them into 'prisoners behind a screen.' "-AP

"'The issue of the burqa is not a religious issue; it is a question of freedom and of women’s dignity,' Mr. Sarkozy said. 'The burqa is not a religious sign; it is a sign of the subjugation, of the submission of women.'” quoted in new york times article/ Doreen Carvajal

"...That is why the U.S. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it."- obama in cairo speech to his muslim brothers

"The U.S. Justice Department has sued Essex County over its firing of a corrections officer for wearing religious headwear."-(

nothing is more abhorrent to me now than the looney american left's support of fascist woman hating jew hating islamic regimes throughout the globe.this support- seen largely now in an inability to recognize the uprising of the iranian people as real. it boggles the mind. are people this stupid? are they this hypocritical? frankly, are they insane?

while he was president, i recall someone straight faced saying to me, as if to prove w really was a nazi and i was just too dumb or brainwashed to see it, that-cue ominous dat dah sound clip-his name was......GERMAN. well, that says everything, doesn't it? busch was changed to bush and that means nazi war criminal or something close to being a nazi. it just seemed sad to me because this was coming from an educated person. my great great grandmother's name was klein which is german too but she was a french jew living in paris.i support israel. i am appalled thoroughly and completely by antisemitism. i probably have more reason to be suspicious of germans than anyone, considering the kleins were eradicated from france by a german led genocide, HOWEVER, i am not about to make judgments upon people alive today just because they're of german heritage. playing on perceived prejudices you suspect i may have in such a ham fisted way says far more about the nature of antisemitism as an undercurrent of the left side of the american political system and its adherents than it does about mittens. my longest personal relationships were both with germans- one of whose grandparents had a swastika flag in their fucking rec room because they believed in what it stood for. of course the thoroughly modern mittens is so thoroughly aryan looking- more so than any actual member of hitler's inner ruling circle- that they probably had no idea they were sleeping with part of the enemy. shouldn't you be warning them they got the joooo cooties from me, after all, my great greatgrandmother's name was klein....

as i type regular iranians are being slaughtered by their evil repressive nazi government as our enabling dilettantish arrogant lying president waffles his way around the political landscape, trying to dodge bullets to his credibility that in a sane, logical society should have been in tatters on the ground (the second antisemite rev. wright was brought up) especially after his lie filled cairo islamic fluffer bj concession speech- concession to islam and it's right to eradicate jews, subjugate women and murder nonmuslims. what ' student of history' what leader of the free world, what head of a democracy has the fucking huge balls and nerve to lecture nonmuslims about freedom of religion and ' tolerance' of islam from, first, saudi arabia- a land with no freedom of religion and no tolerance of other religions, a land where you're not allowed to bring a bible or a cross through customs, a land where women cannot even drive a car- and then egypt where a campaign is currently underway to destroy the largest christian group in the middle east, the copts? is this guy serious? can we stop stroking him off now? are we done mooning over the bitch and petting ourselves silly because we're such fabulous people and we like black people aren't we so good we elected one?

osamabama's cairo speech perpetuated outright mistruths about the history of islam, about it's tolerance of other religions, about it's treatment of women. it ignored what muslim regimes now do and have done for centuries-murder homosexuals, execute children, stone women to death for adultery when they are victims of rape, kidnap, convert and rape christian and nonmuslim female children and women, enslave-literally- africans. instead of standing up outright as someone like bush or even clinton would have done and at least vocally support the iranian protesters obama opted to woo the leaders now butchering their own people. instead of at the very least not mentioning the subjugation of women by islam obama goes out of his way to throw the 'hos under the bus- hey the burqa is a right and i am proud to use the american judicial system to encourage muslim men even in the free world to enforce what amounts to slavery on their bitches. if one wonders that it is the women of iran that appear in the forefront of their revolution for freedom, for, at least, a real democracy not a draconian theocracy as they have been oppressed under for decades, it is because it is women who were deprived of the most human rights with the overthrow of the shah. to them obama's speech said-you have a right to be continuously oppressed, raped, and murdered by males and i will frame it as such- not that when the options are rape,imprisonment, being murdered by your own flesh and blood in a honor killing the wearing of the burqua means mere survival not an option amid the rights of humans.

the man has 2 daughters. it's absolutely shameful- both his speech and his actions through the department of justice. his daughters go to school and have the right to free association, to eventually date or marry whom they choose and to go about in shorts and a t shirt if they so desire. in afganistan, the taliban raids closes and destroys schools for females and murders the girls trying to get an education. hey but in the obama world view if females do not want an education they have the allah given right to not pursue one or to die if they so desire for learning to read. obama stands with his muslim brothers on the prone bodies of muslim women.obama stands with his muslim brothers on the prone bodies of murdered homosexuals and lesbians. obama stands with his muslim brothers on the prone bodies of dead jews. obama stands with his muslim brothers on the prone bodies of raped murdered and tortured christians.

obama is standing with his muslims brothers on the torn up and burnt constitution of the united states. and you have yourself to blame if you drank the koolaid and voted for this dhimmi either dimwitted puppet or deviously malicious hack.

when president bush called iran part of the axis of evil anyone with any sense, with any unbiased views based on history knew he was talking about the theocracy that governs iran and not about muslims in general or the iranian people. that this brutal regime is now following through and showing the world what the iranian people have always known- but the bush hating west refuses still to acknowledge because the reviled W. said it- iran is ruled by murderous EVIL thugs who have systematically violated every so called human right one can imagine. the expatriots of iran have been saying so for years- the internet has been full for years of reports about murders, executions of women and homosexuals and anyone branded an enemy of the state but because george bush said there were evil people ruling iran and they had bad evil intentions then it's not true. our media is censoring reports from iran right now. why? the youtube comments, the dopey 'we're far worse' salon dot com commentary by left wing drones say it all- there's no real revolution- it's a 'psy-ops'-plot by the evil bush government to- do something. what, make you and your soy-boy look bad for championing real nazis instead of real freedom fighters seeking an end to their oppression?

only problem is your groovy black messiah is in power now... hard to come up with something to say when the last 8 years of your amateur hour conspiracy theory political war is being shown up to be based in lies, propaganda of your own making. imagine that-the actual people of iran are sick of being controlled by evil islamic trolls who really do behave like nazis, black shirts who have been torturing and murdering civilians for decades. the women and men of iran are dying, shedding their blood on your misguided insane hackery and your self serving denial continues. that obama seems to want to credit his cairo speech now with causing this upheaval against a tyranny, an islamic theocracy his speech in fact did more to placate and ultimately to uphold than liberate anyone particularly women from is the height of arrogance and one hopes the stepping stone to his downfall- the unmasking he so richly deserves.


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