mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

have had enough, please just stop

what a load of rubbish the new depeche commode is. not that i pay them much attention, to be honest, especially over the last 20 years. i've never found them to be all that good but they made alternative music very very popular here which was both a good( pathway to expose people to other better artists along the same vein) and a bad thing( more twats ruining your night out).

and who the fuck hasn't covered one of their songs especially enjoy the silence especially now with electro emo brats who have found their gods, their dead horses to flog.

i think it's the accent but this is better than the original by far( not that you'd have to go that far- i hate the original for being just about everything that sucks in 80s music even though it was created by the great vince clarke):

nouvelle vague/ just can't get enough

and because i can:


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