mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

desirable revenge

i have fairly negative feelings about gay pride especially nowadays. take a revolution centered on the counter culture and revolt against the status quo- in celebration of individual expression and the right to one's own life lived how one wishes- and turn it into a corporate event sponsored by blue cross/blue shield, safe as houses and fun for all the family. purge out the sex, the drugs, the demon liquor, hide the radical faeries in the back and roll out the baby strollers and khaki shorts and wholesome american we're just like everyone else values.

girl, you've been tamed. you all have the same cookie cutter, faux radical politics yet always seem to think you're all so diverse and inclusive even while you yell and scream 'nazi' at the least whiff of someone disagreeing with you. you perpetuate the fawning desire to construct identity around the same old oppressive patriarchal constructs so the norm and the standard heterosexual, female negative ruling class will accept you- will HAVE to except you or else you'll whine real loud or boycott something or, of course, call someone a Nazi.

i am not like everyone else and don't really give a fuck about being accepted.i do not want reentry into the herd. i have no desire to meld with the borg, to hammer on the door to the matrix and demand to be sucked down into the plastic slime to have the tubes reinserted. i do not want a house just like mom and dad or to replicate little sprouts , little mini mes to fucking sabotage with all my hang ups and unfulfilled desires. i do not need or want society's blessing or shower of official documents to confirm my humanity or the right to do whatever i may want with my life and body. it is by acknowledging that the government even has the right or ability to approve or disapprove of your being that you are enslaved.

and it's just a lot more fun when gay pride is about getting real fucked up and dancing to techno with the leather daddies. pride should be like carnivale in brazil not like a worker's solidarity family march in the old soviet union on may day. you need to go home with your panties in your fucking purse (that is if you still even have them, lucky dog) not in a right snit because you lost the diaper bag along the route.

the best illustration of my take on this is one year at new york city pride circa early 1990s standing on the sidewalk trying to decide with whom to march . it was only at the tail end of the officially sponsored automatons that we found our peeps- the sex workers and the radical faeries- goddess bless them. these were the only people i felt any true solidarity with and the faeries are pagans and they will give you free drugs. and then in true mittens style i ended up in a 3 hour drinking and drugging binge outside the building in which diane arbus killed herself with my sort of misfits- people that can actually argue and fuss and rant for hours under the influence, nearly under a park bench, about just how she did kill herself. this is what it's all about.

anyway. diane arbus took a bunch of downers and slit her wrists in the bathtub and i'll be damned if i could recall that at the time. that we even knew she had lived there ... i'd rather stammer on about art fag shit on acid and be associated with cats and perversion and satan then march off to the suburbs and bask in acting all acceptable and presentable and be associated with fucking rainbows, unicorns, gaybies and large healthcare mismanagement megacorporations.

anyway, here's some classic real gay music for the day. sweet pussy pauline's( aka candy j aka hateful head helen) stunning opus: desirable revenge- the prototype of every bitch song there ever was or will be. it's sweet. so sweet.

because once is not enough. i have a dream...


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