mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"i watched the impotent city, go up and you...."

romeo void was a great great band. one of the best of the 80's, so overlooked. even at the time our fascist, lookist culture couldn't accept a large female american indian lead singer. still, you go to jive ass fooltube and some asswipe always has to comment about deborah iyall's weight rather than the fact that her voice and the power of her lyrics and the talented band behind her blow all the gwenies and assorted emaciated barbie whore blondes that equal success in music right away like so much useless fluff. and multi racial bands- still an oddity, pointing to how neatly people are rammed into cultural pigeon holes like so many white, brown,red, yellow, and black faced minstrels.

their ep was recorded in boston and produced by the cars ric okesek. all 3 of their full length albums-it's a condition,benefactor and instincts have been released on cd and are all good and well worth having.

do you think sheryl crow ever saw this video? i dunno if she's cool enough to have even though it's natural history museum/ people as caged animals vibe is copped in part for the video to ' if it makes you happy''.

say no

" when i know/ you've staggered upon my beliefs/ it makes me want to try"


everyone knows it or should because this is the funkiest bass line in all alternative music. one of alternative's greatest dance songs and most notably it is not made with electronic instruments. one of those perfect songs from top to bottom and particularly well produced:

never say never:


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