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"peter pan ate a ham/ohh yes"

what kind of a lame twink douche bag doesn't know who Liberace was? don't they teach any of the important ghey history in school these days? it should be fucking required by law. if you don't know how many Supremes there were or why you shouldn't put handkerchiefs in your back pockets if you've no idea what they mean you just might need to be sent to the re-education camps or at least fixed so you don't spawn more speed bumps.

of course, i guess, i should have taken into consideration that this loser was loudly ( no one, bitch, wants to hear anything you have to say...) going through the vinyl records at goodwill, screeching to her 'companion' , a bearded twinkie doodle of the 'male' variety, that she loved ' these things' because she wants the sleeves to put on the wall of her Habitrail. oh, and one of her friends has, you know, ' the machine' for them.

it's called a turntable.

she picked up a liberace record and started waving it around in the air, yelling, "who is this? who is this?", apparently not referring to the musician whose album it was but to the 60's chick with the white frosted lipstick on the cover. what's really sad is that the male thing who had a few more brain cells struggling to go off was incapable of clearly explaining that that was a model on the cover not liberace. i pretty much wanted to scream and cut someone. and then he went on to describe liberace as a ' jazz piano player'....

i know. i know better than this. i know you can't listen to any thing but the voices in one's own head when in record and thrift stores. and i'm still not sure who is worse to have to listen to- the musical morons above or people who think they know everything about music and fucking talk about it all goddamn day in the music store with other genii, usually straight and male, while blasting some inane rare abstract crap that sounds like weasels in a bag of harmonicas.

but it was worth it. i just have to remember to bring the ipod or earplugs.

some of this i have but because i used the records djing some definitely need replacing.

italodisco: another name for eurotrash freestyle/disco. probably best recalled in america as the many hits of black box, who were everywhere in 1988/89. i loved the 49ers' songs.' touch me' is a classic:

one of the greatest house songs ever. period. genius. a guy called gerald sold the rights to it- and it was a massive international hit- for a few hundred bucks to buy a piece of equipment. 'voodoo ray'.

this ain't the summer of love but this certainly was- d-mob/ we call it acieed

i'm not really fond of this- as i've said before i think karen finley is better sampled by others- but it isn't really easy to find (like 'tales of taboo'. both are imports from our belgian acid house brothers and sisters) and a bargain at a dollar.' lick it':

really early disco before white people ruined it- double exposure/ ten per cent (1976)

this is pretty much one of my all time favorite alternative dance songs in the best, remixed version only found on boobtube with this really ghey fucking video. a sporters song for sure. i dj'd for and made tapes for many strippers. sporters was all about the 'hos and strippers. my music was all about the 'hos and strippers and trannies. this song seems to really capture the bitter tears of the whore . some of us can really relate. everytime someone is tempted to play that tedious dreck 'tainted love' they should reach for this instead- marc almond/ tears run rings. one of his best songs.

who and what hasn't been mashed up with fucking 'sweet dreams'? farah puked up a fur ball for half an hour yesterday and some fucking dj already mixed her hacking with sweet overplayed fucking dreams. it's bad enough it's the only eurythmics song you'll ever hear out but having it mangled with poo continuously... they have a huge fucking catalogue- find another goddamn song!

eurythmics - beethoven( i love to listen to)

nothing rare or unusual about this. i have it, of course, but can always use another copy. it did get me thinking about the current climate of anti-feminism particularly in america particularly coming from the man, the dhimmi, who is not my president and the left in general starting with the viciously sexist crusade against hillary clinton( when she was running for president. are you wishing you picked her yet?) and sarah palin to the list of conservative females (who dare to voice their opinions) that playboy magazine's men want to hate fuck( we, meaning civilized respectful humans who aren't selfish, criminal assholes, still call that rape even if some left wing women are ok with 'hate fucking' michelle malkin because she ' asked for it' and is 'nasty')to telling muslim men it's a ok to keep their women in garbage bags and deprive them of all human rights, who love rape them and love murder them because islam is the most respectful tolerant religion on earth because the student of misinformation i mean history obama says so...

where the fuck are the real feminists? i am at war with fucking woman hating islam. i will not tolerate it. here's a real feminist who just had a birthday. our girl is over 50 and still f'ing hot and she knows hatred of the female when she sees it- siouxsie / peekaboo:

myriad lies....


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