mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

cats are not peas, fish are not sticks.

i have been really enjoying djinn's fishes. the two who survived the ick are looking, according to farah, plump and succulent, yum. they are more interactive then i imagined they would be. the follow me around the room in their tank and one, opal, i can feed by hand. there's something wiggly and puppy-like about them. and yes one is called notorious b.i.g.

and the cats are insane jealous of them. lady rambo climbs up my back, sits on my shoulders and slaps me in the head when i'm talking to the fish. farah will never forgive me for removing the poor dead one and not giving it to her. she was dancing mad around the kitchen when i cleaned out the tank to medicate and save the the remaining fish. to this day when i use the magic python gravel cleaning tube she gets all twitchy waiting for fish to slide down the tubing into her mouth. i am fairly certain those are mostly farah prints all over the aquarium i have to wipe off every day.

and so they don't get all jealous and pouty and start acting out here are some of the ' ladies' helping me move the records. as if i was going to leave the bins as elevated cat cubby holes....

that's nixie' cuddles', lucy and the lady chablis.


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