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" i have a mouth but i cannot scream"

"On that day which followed the visit of QUSAY SADDAM HUSSEIN to the prison, 180 prisoners were executed. The guards walked up and down the corridors calling out names. They took some prisoners from nearly every cell...when QUSAY SADDAM HUSSEIN visited a prison, mass executions would often follow and so we all realised what it meant when they began calling out the names of prisoners..."

"On several occasions I saw QUSAY SADDAM HUSSEIN walk along the row of cells, open the slot in the door and spray what I believe to be something like mustard gas into the cell...The bodies of the dead were bloated by the gas. They foamed at the mouth and were bleeding from the eyes...The prisoners were screaming. I remember one of them was only about twelve years old. I remember QUSAY shouting something like "Put this bastard in - he's a member of the [X] family'...The little boy was screaming. He was already bleeding from previous beatings. QUSAY killed him along with all the others...The little boy screamed out "I am sorry, I don't want to die, I want my father." QUSAY said, "Your father is in the cell next door", which was true. QUSAY then proceeded to spray him with gas and he died after about ten minutes of agony. We could hear them screaming... I estimate that QUSAY SADDAM HUSSEIN personally murdered between 1200-1300 people during this period."

"There was a machine designed for shredding plastic. Men were dropped into it and we were again made to watch. Sometimes they went in head first and died quickly. Sometimes they were put in feet first and died screaming. It was horrible. I saw 30 people die like this. Their remains would be placed in plastic bags and we were told they would be used as fish food.... On one occasion, I saw QUSAY SADDAM HUSSEIN personally supervising these murders."

"QUSAY SADDAM HUSSEIN went into the torture room...screaming..."I'll put an end to you with my own hands"...[the prisoner] was brought back into the cell with his right foot covered in filthy bandages. It had been cut off during his torture...the amputation had been carried out with a power saw during his torture under the direct supervision of QUSAY SADDAM had not been done cleanly and it had taken some time to cut the foot off."

"I became aware that UDAY SADDAM HUSSEIN had arrived...He began shouting insults at me as they were beating me. I felt my knees buckle and tried to make myself smaller to avoid the blows...He said to me something like "I am going to brand you like an army mule so that you do not forget". He then took a branding iron, the end of which was shaped as a circle with a cross in the middle...he branded me on the top of my left arm. At that point I believe I lost consciousness. The next morning I woke up in what seemed to be a dog kennel. I was in extraordinary pain both from the beating...and also from the branding wound. I discovered that there were two further brands on my back. All these had developed enormous blisters. My hands had been handcuffed behind one of my legs, which also caused me great discomfort. A short time later I was injected with an unidentified substance...a blood analysis confirmed I had been poisoned with a heavy metal substance."

Uday was well known for having armed guards snatching women off the streets so he could rape and torture them- some as young as 14- you think he deserves a funeral and dignity in death let alone a trial by peers?

oh and another dear...

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri
Vice Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council.

"They had used helicopters and dropped nets from the air to capture people. 600 had been arrested...IZZAT IBRAHIM AL-DOURI was sitting on a stage...He ordered 17 posts to be erected in the yard of the base. 17 prisoners were brought out and tied to the posts. They had some sort of glue put in their mouths to prevent them calling out...Ba'ath officials shot them with Kalashnikov rifles...Then strangely, four gypsy dancing girls were brought to dance for those watching...170 men were killed in front of us altogether...The presence of IZZAT IBRAHIM AL-DOURI was a deliberate attempt to intimidate us...he also had a well-deserved and well-known reputation as a killer."

"I saw several cars arrive as well as two bulldozers...IZZAT IBRAHIM AL-DOURI got out of one of the cars...He also ordered the man's wife and four children to be brought out...When the crowd had gathered, IZZAT IBRAHIM AL-DOURI pulled out his pistol and shot the man in the head three times. He was very angry and shouting..."This has been done as a lesson to show what happens to those who disobey the President." The bulldozers began to demolish the house...IZZAT IBRAHIM AL-DOURI climbed back into his car...and drove over the ruins...I never saw the family again. The body of the victim was hung up in various places in public as a warning...It was left...for about three days and soon began to decompose and smell very badly."

"...IZZAT IBRAHIM AL-DOURI overall control of the suppression of the intifada in the region. [The message said that the officer]...wished to report [to IZZAT IBRAHIM AL-DOURI] the "execution of rioters by burning them to death". It contained the names of some of those who had been killed by burning."

This information was taken by Indict from eye witnesses to these crimes.

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