mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

touch my gay monkeys. love my gay monkeys

this just might be the gheyist thing evah.
in the whole universe.

i don't think it's wise, however, to play electric instruments in bare feet while at sea.

DAF was just so awesomely awesome and awesomely ghey. when this stuff was released, linda lawrence was the only one here playing it out.

so i found the 12 inch of this song- the mix by william orbit (otherwise known as ' madonna, latter day')- which is not on utube. this is what happened when you put a hungarian and a frenchman in a dj booth together- we'd play things like this without blinking an eye or flapping a bat wing and people would fucking dance to it. still, remains the only person on earth i could effectively dj with. christina, where the hell are you?

blame the accordion, international instrument of the music love. talk about ' signature songs'... i really don't know anyone else even at the time who got away with playing this:

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