mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

so, yo, ho

i'm trying to motivate to go to fucking work. do not want.

and i'm still wading through records. it's good. it's alright.( except for the stupid fucking names for the various mixes on a 12 inch. way out of hand by the 90s . way more mixes per record and the quality definitely declines.)

shep pettibone( and francois kevorkian ( 'in the bush' by musique- an awesome disco tune and he basically made depeche mode's violator album the alternative dance success it was- actually their big break through particularly in america)mixed a lot more of my favorite 80s dance tracks than i imagined. they were there for that important bridge of sound between the disco of the 70s and house music.

i still love love love alisha.( shep pettibone). the bigger the hair, the closer to goddess.

girl rappers.

cookie crew/got to keep on. i want to go everywhere with a posse of dancers breaking it down like it's 1988.

wee papa girl rappers/ it's like that. we call it aciiiid......

"me, the rox, give up the box? so you can brag about it for the next 6 blocks?" THE response song. she was about 14 and look- a real dj. originally recorded in a room that probably looked a lot like the one in the video here. as classic as it gets.

none of the early queen latifah is enabled on youtube. so fuck that. ladies first and wrath of my madness.

salt n pepa/ muggs metal mix none of your business

monie love/ monie in the middle


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