mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

no ufos. no blacks. no jews. no gays.

by definition you amass stuff- collecting something , like records,- and you forget what you have and worst of all you even forget to listen to and use( however) what you've got. such a crime! so much wonderful music more often than not neglected in its time now sitting on shelves. this record move forced me to finally start cataloguing things. and some fabulous stuff has been unearthed which has only made me think that most everything new now sucks and is derivative in an unoriginal and empty way or that i am just fucking old. ok , maybe it's a little of both but i have always been open to a vast array of music and the truth is there's only so much anyone can do within a certain style structure. there's nothing bad about borrowing but if you don't somehow make it your own i'd rather hear the original.

i have finally made my way to the original electro and rap/ hip hop crates. damn, bitch, fucking electronic dance music was much better in general when black people and latinos mostly from new jork were making it. they may have been ripping off kraftwerk but they made something that in itself was original and refreshing- electronics with soul instead of the sterility that seems to still plague the genre in the paws of honkie mcwhitey. of course that same muzak flatness is played up as trendy detachment as uber cool but it's definitely not funky let's get real gone loose and fucked up and enjoy ourselves. why do western europeans have to have poles shoved up their asses when it comes to dancing and music in general?

early anthony rother, miss kitten and the hacker- all of it including most of what passes for ' new' electro is taken, as duly noted by kitten, ripped off from circa 1982- a truly fantastic time for music.

i also have a confession. i used to break dance. the less said about it, the better.and no i did not wear shiny red track suits. mc jazzy mit-tenz, boy..... you try wearing black dress suits and doing the windmill.

most of the music was made without computers, which is lost on people who hear and perhaps have only heard modern, programmed music that imitates it.

newcleus/ computer age push the button

twilight 22/ electric kingdom

cosmic touch/ nothing ever changes

shango/ shango message

fucking timeless- always sounds fresh-cybotron/ clear

this is getting on to mid 80s but is astounding. why is this sort of thing NEVER included in any jive ass 80s revival night? i'll tell you why-it's not anglo-saxons wearing black but people who are or might be black. crackers have deplorable taste except when they're ripping of other people's music and calling it their own. descended from electro and freestyle and all the right parts of new wave and rap- the future that we're now reliving primarily through white artists.

model 500-no ufos

and i'm slowly making my way to freestyle....

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