mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

'your whole life revolves around big fat lies"

i found one whole crate of awesomeness i had forgotten about. this was cassette only and is rarer than a decent goth night or hens' teeth. very early minimal synth showing the white chillens how it is done- Los Iniciados - Marca de Anubis:

the 12" of not only johnny rotten singing but also a b side of jack bruce doing it: the golden palominos- the animal speaks:

minimalwave (www.minimalwavedotcom) is awesome, great to deal with and put out some lovely reissued vinyl. highly recommended : the found tapes and the lost tapes compilations. there's no need for electro once you figure out someone else did it all the year i graduated high school- 1982. futurisk: push me, pull you( part 2):

riding around after djing at 4am, listening to a cassette of this ep over and over and over- those are my memories of the late 80s. mc 900ft jesus with dj zero's first release. fuck that skank ho twink peanut m and m's- this was the greatest white rapper:

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