mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" we died for ewe"

more record moving distractions:

a copy of this cd is going for over 100 dollars on amazon. who knew? we played ' rains on me' quite a bit-it's another one of those songs that made me break down crying while spinning it. i recall once someone running break neck into the dj booth after i played it screaming, "what is THAT! omg, what is THAT...!!!!" heavenly bodies /particularly rains on me- i found the lp and the single. listen and download it here-

felt/ primitive painters.

"On 12 February 1992, The KLF and crust punk group Extreme Noise Terror performed a live version of "3 a.m. Eternal" at the BRIT Awards, the British Phonographic Industry's annual awards show; a "violently antagonistic performance" in front of "a stunned music-business audience". Drummond and Cauty had planned to throw buckets of sheep's blood over the audience, but were prevented from doing so due to opposition from BBC lawyers and "hardcore vegans" Extreme Noise Terror. The performance was instead garnished by a limping, kilted, cigar-chomping Drummond firing blanks from an automatic weapon over the heads of the crowd. As the band left the stage, The KLF's promoter and narrator Scott Piering announced over the PA system that "The KLF have now left the music business". Later in the evening the band dumped a dead sheep with the message "I died for ewe—bon appetit" tied around its waist at the entrance to one of the post-ceremony parties."- from the klf wiki

i'm sure he would have used real bullets if he could see the pooh heap of bad techno that has come to dominate and think itself the legacy of real house music, real techno and real trance from the late 80s early 90s.

all of their music is in the public domain at least in england where they had more control over it- they deleted their entire body of work- do with it what you will. so far ahead of everyone and they freely gave it all away and told the music industry to go fuck itself rightly seeing how grotesque and dismal it was, soon to become worse. my anti-heros, the klf doing pre-trance trance:

i played this b side of theirs all the time- all the eastern promise of dead can dance without the annoying fucking voice and boring' crucifixion dance' (with feet nailed to the floor) inspiring music.

konk blip every trip

lead into gold/ faster than light

a profoundly influential song you'll never hear. i heavily associate it with linda lawrence- i'd say about 1983. the basis for a slew of songs particularly by black performers-prince( the core of one of his best songs- erotic city). monifah- touch it. laid back- white horse

i always liked en vogue more than destiny's chillens. this is one of the very last songs i ever spun at sporters
" the only thing you changed was love to hate".


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