mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

let's get lifted: latter day house

the sample is terrence trent d'arby( big hit = 'wishing well') - a sort of precursor to milli vanilli a la cutey pie dreded black twink completely unthreatening to whitey pop tart. he was all the rage for a nano second. we called him terribly trendy d'arby. but at least he could sing. i always loved this song even if americans didn't get it.

hollis p. monroe i'm lonely.

hey , what's wrong with you?

armand was still around boston( the loft) when i started djing. everyone went, "ohhhh, armand went to nyc.. oh my...". i didn't know him very well at all. not at all. this fucking mix is the cat's teats. i had 4 fucking copies of it and was fond of dipping it into 'spin spin sugar' as it sounds like armand liked to too. this represents something that rock music lost by the 90's- something depeche commode made their career on- good dance mixes by real djs meant for major not underground/ english club play. garbage is a group who should have had fists full of dance hits but nearly every remix of their songs is suck ass knob twiddling. 'professional widow' is suppose to be about courtney love who, by the by, is poor folks just like us now.

while i can't tolerate a whole night of trance there's nothing better to drunkenly watch the sun rise. i was glad to see other humans found this track amazing. it always takes me somewhere else: sasha's horse with no name remix of 'careful'. utube has been proving i wasn't insane about loving the music people here at the time did not appreciate. original really weird video( but not original version of the song which was recorded a cappella) follows.

it's todd f'ing terry's mix- moloko's sing it back to me. let it get going. there are a thousand and one mixes of this song out there. i mixed several of them together but can't remember which ones. ah i am old and now tired.


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