mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

reasons to be cheerful concerning the fluff

i've had a set of at least 6 cats for roughly the last 20 years so you know if there's one thing i know a thing or 6 about it's freakin' cat fur.

people say to me, you have all those cats and you wear black all the time... where's the fluff?

the answer is tape- rolls of regular masking tape. those rollers never last and are expensive. i buy lots of masking tape.

and now finally i have found a product that actually works on the worst of the fluff blanketing. it even works on clothing that's particularly coated in the fluffy stuffy although it's really effective on furniture.

all hail the' evercare pic up mitt'. Rimbaud even tried to hump it- that's how good it is. i have tried what seems like hundreds of this sort of product and it really is the best of the lot.

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