mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"get hyped like a honda prelude..."

i would fucking kill someone to hear decent house music from back in the day. if you weren't there, trust me, you know shit naught about house music and what it was like. magical. you can't program magic.this is the sort of thing they played at the original raves.

most have no business being djs. there is a difference between jukebox and dj . well, at least there used to be.

this was the flip side of hi-nrg group seduction's equally great ' heartbeat' 12 inch. you know the rapper as the guy in the c and c music factory videos- freedom williams. this was the fucking bomb- people lost it on the floor to this- all 8 glorious minutes. get dumb. strictly for the hardcore- a mine field of awesome samples.

heartbeat itself was originally a taana gardner song mixed by larry levan. this is the sort of dj the term icon applies to. sampled sick by rap groups. seduction's version vocally is nearly identical.

ever wonder where the ubiquitous house sample ' don't make me wait' comes from? larry levan again, in a way, mixer for and champion of the nyc peech boys. you could always lay out the old skool for people back then- they appreciated it. they recognized it. they weren't stupid cows standing around chewing their cuds along with the stupid dj cows playing with their mp3 udders.

i used 3 copies of this- a legendary deep house track- you just strung it along from turntable to turntable. this isn't my favorite mix but it's the closest to the one i used to play.

lidell townsell was involved in early acid house but the 90s rolled on in and everyone black had to look like baseball cap wearing baggy pants minstrels soon to evolve into gangsta rap minstrels. 'get wit you' and 'nu nu' sounded exactly alike but that bass line is fucking mad.

you could slide this in and around the more popular 'deeper club mix' and cause the roof to be ripped the fuck off. la da dee/ la da da.


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