mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

another non genocide right now? the assyrians of iraq.

"Preventing the successful ethno-religious cleansing of Iraq’s
indigenous Assyrians is a self-evident humanitarian priority.
However, it also serves the long-term goal of giving Iraq a better
chance at establishing a sustainable democracy. The Mandaean-
Sabaean community is largely cleansed, with only 750 families
remaining from a population of roughly 60,000 in 2003. Assyrians,
and the other vulnerable minorities who will follow in their footsteps
(Shabaks, Yezidis, and Turkmen, among others), are necessary to
keeping Iraq ethnically and religiously heterogeneous, an essential
ingredient for democratization.
The cleansing of the Mandaean-Sabaean people, a people of
antiquity, reflects the very real threat of annihilation facing all the
defenseless minorities. "

the christian assyrians of iraq are the people of the greatest antiquity in that location. they are in their homeland. as with turkey / the ottoman empire aka the young turks circa the dawn of the 20th century ,there has been an escalation by muslims of terrorism( although of course terrorists no longer exist and no one should be at war with them to, oh, stop genocide and murder or anything rash like that) , murder, kidnapping and rape against assyrian people. they represent a large portion of the educated, professional population in iraq because unlike islam christianity no longer appreciates stupid pig animal existence in service to whatever theocratic hog lord is in power over an actual education and self betterment and respectful, humane service to one's community. the assyrians make up a large portion of america's allies there. and the ones who haven't fled are being wiped out.

"“Death to U.S. Agents” is the standard Al-Qaeda message that
particularly targets Christian Assyrians. They are seen as co-
religionists and collaborators with the United States. Their past
and continued support for the liberation of Iraq is undeniable.
They could not have foreseen complete abandonment by the U.S.
Government given the extent of the existential threat they are
facing.14 The disillusionment expressed by Assyrian refugees
interviewed in March and April 2007 centered on their
perception of complete U.S. Government disregard for their
security. "

we don't want to upset turkey. we don't want to upset the new iraq. 1 out of 3 assyrians have already been 'cleansed' out of iraq.

the fate of the assyrians, like that of the armenians, represents a continuum of muslim terrorism and barbarity toward nonmuslims. to deny that this is centuries of terrorism is in itself an unspeakable crime that allows the sword of islam to keep slicing those heads off. we don't want to upset them because then they will kill people or something like that....

"August 11 - 16 1933: The Simele Massacre
"The Assyrian population of the village of Simel was indiscriminately massacred; men women, and children alike. In one room alone, 81 Assyrians from Baz were barbarously massacred. Priests were tortured and their bodies mutilated. Girls were raped and women violated and made to march naked before the Arab army commanders. Holy books were used as fuel for burning girls. Children were run over by military cars. Pregnant women were bayonetted. Children were flung in the air and pierced on to the points of bayonets. In Dohuk 600 Assyrians were killed." (The Assyran Tragedy, pp. 53-54)"

"1945 and 1946: Massacres in Azerbaijan and Other Northern Regions of Iran
During these disturbances hundreds of innocent and peaceful Assyrians were massacred in cold blood, deported and imprisoned by the Iranian military. According to the petition sent by the late Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII on behalf of the Assyrians in Iran to the Secretary General of the United Nations, 24 villages were wholly or partially looted and burned. "In the town Of Adda, both of the arms of one Assyrian, named Charles, were cut publicly; he was then burned to death by means of kerosene. In the town of Mushawa, Eramyah's eyes were dug out while alive, and he was then tortured to death. In town of Khananisha, Abrahams's fingers (both hands) were cut off and he was then forced to eat them in the presence of his parents. In the town of Salamas, Father Giwargis was cut to pieces in the church (Mart Maryam). In the same Church, many women and little girls were raped and numerous men tortured to death. In the city of Rezaieh, a parade of nude Assyrian women and little girls put to shame even the ruthless Moslem criminals." (Petition in Behalf of the Assyrians in Iran, pp.2)"

"1980 to 1988 - Saadam Husayn's Invasion and War Against Iran

Prior to the outbreak of hostilities, the Iraqi regime exiled thousands of Iraqi citizens to Iran on the charges that they were of Persian ancestry. Many Assyrians were induded in this illegal and barbarous act. During this bloody war, it is estimated that up to 10,000 Assyrian men from Iraq were killed. The most disturbing aspect of this tragedy is that many of these Assyrians, who were fighting for a regime that has continuously persecuted them, were killed in cold blood by their own Arab countrymen, iust for being Assyrians. Many eyewitnesses to this betrayal have confirmed this fact. Furthermore, the Assyrians have suffered from the fad that the war caused there to be thousands of Assyrian prisoners of war in Iran and further exile of Assyrians to Iran where thousands of Assyrian non-combatants are housed in refugee camps. The number of civilian Assyrian casualties in the cities and villages of Iran and Iraq also remains unknown."

"September 24, 1988
The fate of the Assyrians in the anfal campaign Barely two weeks after the arrival of the first deportees at Baharka, the official lowdspeakers announced that some of the camp's inmates should present themselves at the police station without delay. Those singled out were either Assyrian and Chaldean Christians or members of the ezidi sect. What happened to these two groups remains one fo the great unexplained mysteries of Anfal: a brutal sideshow , as it were, to the Kurdish genocide. A few days later, a single khaki-colored military bus arrived, accompanied by an army officer and nine or ten soldirs, to pick up twenty-six people from the Assyrian Christian village of Gund Kosa. ... None of those who was bussed from the camps ever reached their homes, and noe was ever seen in the camps, such as Mansuriya (Masirik) and Khaneq, that were set aside for relocated Christians and Yeszidis. The inescapable conclusion is that they were all murdered. An Assyrian priest interviewed by HRW/Middle East said that he had assembled a list of 250 Christians who disappeared during Anfal and its immediate aftermath. (Iraq's Crime of Genocide, 1995, Human rights watch, pp. 209) "

only denying ethnic murder,genocide based primarily on religion will stop ethnic murder, genocide based primarily on religion. this new foreign policy is so full of hope and change - if everyone just shuts the fuck up about terrorism and genocide it's a fact that it stops.

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