mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" there's no plan/ it had to happen"

a pretty good thrifting day despite the sad news of bea arthur's death.

i'm not a snob about what i'll collect-i'll take in cd's usually especially if they're of vinyl i already have but i go for vinyl first.

christina and i played this quite a bit when it came out- 'compulsion' from martin l. gore's counterfeit ep. nice to have it on cd. he did another album of covers recently- i have it somewhere but haven't listened to it. 'compulsion' is a cover of an artist named joe crow ( on cherry red's pillows and prayers comp.) whose version which i also like follows.

i have all the herb alpert and the tijuana brass records which isn't a particularly spectacular achievement considering every thrift store you go into anywhere in the us on any given day has at least one herb alpert in their record stacks. they were insanely popular records- the brass sold something like 80 million records world wide and had 4 albums in the top ten simultaneously in 1966- the only act to have done so. anyway having them on cd is a treat.' the lonely bull', 'spanish flea', 'a taste of honey' rock the fucking discotheque. alpert was the "a" in a&m records. he also has near perfect pitch on a fucking trumpet.

no day of digging the crates is complete without new wave on vinyl:

obscure from washington state and led by 3 women: the visible targets autistic savant lp.

rough trade live direct to disc. carol pope was an out lesbian in the early 80's- an oddity. one of new wave's greatest voices.

rock the box, bitch. sylvester.

i'm a complete whore for eurotrash disco like this-iio' rapture'. curiously i had the cd but found the 12 inch vinyl.


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