mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

the secret earth day unicorn

long before the pompous rantings of preacher school failure/ internets inventor al gore, there was a rancid, filthy unicorn that claimed to be the founder of Earth Day. a liar and loser like most hippies, he was not the founder of earth day which was primarily the work of a us senator named gaylord nelson( d., wisconsin) but to this day many still think an unwashed evil unicorn, not some straight, made it so.

in the completely repulsive but micromanaged and projected in retrospect as beautiful (man) and magical late 1960s, ira einhorn was the typical aquarian counter culture self absorbed big mouth only with slightly more publicity than most. by the dawn of the 70s, big business was very interested in having ranty ' freaks' in house as paid advisors to advise about the consumerist habits and outlooks of the hippies whose age group historically should have been spending the most per capita. record companies were notorious for their freaks. ignored by the hippies who actually believed in the values they harped on and protested about, ira personally crowned himself king hippie and foisted himself off on sundry insecure rich trolls and clearly hapless corporations who gobbled up his new age spew. harvard university even wooed this horned sow- no surprise there as they remain devoted to women haters, murderers, and nazis and their rights to ' free speech'. think of the unicorn as charlie manson without a posse and with a college liberal arts instead of a jailhouse education. like the al gores and the michael moores, this unicorn was only concerned with his own self aggrandizement and power.

ira einhorn had a history of domestic violence- raging physical violence directed at his girlfriends when they tried to leave him . ira was not a small wee little unicorn but a big festering slob of a creature. when you could legally rape your wife, no one paid much mind to the smacking around of one's chattel. girlfriend/punching bag helen called holly maddux, emotionally , psychically and physically brutalized by mr. peace and love and compost eventually found the strength to walk out . when she returned to his apartment to pick up her belongings, he bludgeoned her to death, stuffed her in a steamer trunk and hid it in a closet. an autopsy revealed she was alive, if barely, when put in the trunk. her body was mummified kept hidden where she died for over a year. her body was covered with old bruises from previous non lethal beatings. einhorn claimed a cia or kgb plot against him, the most important hippy in the universe and founder of earth day. his stupidly, criminally low bail secured by now senator arlen spector was based on the good character references of all the corporate hacks and deluded trying to be cool millionaires who had availed themselves of his groovy hippy germs PR. he promptly fled the country. for over 20 years, living like a princess with stupid rich european women , he was protected by european killer coddling, unicorn protecting laws. he was found guilty and sentenced to death in absentia.

on the promise of a new trial, in violation of the constitution of the US, the unicorn was finally extradited from france after a lengthy struggle. retried, he was sentenced to life in prison where he now rots in his own pony dung. even more stupid girls still promote this monster as an innocent, set up by the man, whose human rights have been violated endlessly. seeing how holly is dead she of course doesn't have any human rights and because she was born female there's a question to this day whether she ever had any at all.

on ' earth day' i always think of the murder of holly maddux and the mythological odyssey of her murderer which speaks to the woman hating pathology of the hippies, of our culture. in truth, i don't think its the ice bergs or the polar bears who die for our sins- but i know helen ' holly' maddux did. the hatred of the female that is the basis of male dominated societies evolves from the attempt to obliterate the one true god, a goddess, the mother of our earth. every second of every day the female recreates the earth- that she should be so denigrated and reviled and treated like a slave should be taken for what it is-representative of an ethos grounded in the destruction of that which sustains all life on earth. when you turn your back on Her you destroy yourself and everything you touch.

no amount of shutting off lights will change that destiny, will save us. killing the secret earth day unicorns will.

" mom's coming 'round to put it back the way it ought to be"

learn to swim.

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