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destroy everything you play ( eventually)
remember when we begged and begged for you to play 'emerge' by fischerspooner? we begged and begged and you all were too busy playing some crap like Wolfslime or Apottymouthburkah so completely ignored us. now over 8 years after it's release you and the rest of the drones play it every fucking night. oh well.

this is in the same league. certain in fact most djs will be incapable of seeing how great it is and won't play it no matter how much it's requested, it's just too good to fit into your set of steaming boredom and tedious predictability. and boys aren't singing it so fuck that. no blacks . no women.no gays who aren't german or whatever.

telepathe- so fine

things like that drive me out of my mind.

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Transformer is hands down the best Lou record. I play it in my car all of the time.

yeah it's really his best- the one time he emerges from nico's under appreciated shadow. satellite of love is one of those songs that if i hear it once i have to hear it again.

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