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lies, damn lies, and lying socialist/ fascist statistics
despite mostly left wing class warfare rhetoric (meant to enslave the working class through unfairly burdensome taxes in order to let over 50% of the tax reporting population not pay federal taxes at all , effectively being supported by those who do. this is called socialism.) the wealthiest 1% pay almost 40%( even though they account for only 16.5 % of income made) of the total federal taxes raked in by the government. the top 5% of earners pay over 54% of the total federal tax burden. the top 50% of earners thus pay a whopping 96.4% of the entire federal tax burden of our country.


i am going to be shorn after seeing myself fleeced once again . i'm really tired all the time. i haven't had 2 days off in a row in weeks. thank god i have my dream catcher, nixie, who sleeps by my side each night. for some reason after months of insomnia when she's on the bed with me i sleep like a baby.