mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

grammies' favorite devil monkey

so grandma has decided she especially likes the ' little black cat from new orleans who was born after hurricane katrina'.

well. you'd think i read her letter to them because Lady Rimbaud, ' the n'orleans nipper', has been marching around like she's all that and a stolen flat big screen tv and all the rest of the ladies are all miffed and hurt looking. i guess each one thought they were grandma's favorite.

before i went home at christmas for the first time in 7 years, i sent my mother pictures of all the new she demons with the pointy ears. she knew most of my older cats and Co had lived with her for a few months in the early 90s. she really loves cats but does not have one now because they have a tropical bird and a cockatiel flying around free range. she actually had 2 of my cats who were contemporaries of Co for many years. i had sent all three to her when i was between apartments. when i finally had a place and went down to retrieve them i could only get Co in the car- the silver tabby girl, lily, leapt out of my arms and couldn't be caught and the maine coon boy, macdermit, hid from the get go. i figured they wanted to stay with my mother in the end and considering how devoted the whole family became to them it was the right decision. they even survived the house fire, dying of natural causes around the time Co passed.

lily and macdermit were part of another life it's hard to imagine now was my life. like my other pack of cats they were left behind by roommates. lily was a sort of indoor feral found scrounging outside an engineering firm and macdermit was the cat everyone fell absolutely in love with. now that i've had the lady chablis awhile i can see how much her personality and bearing is like his- maine coon cats and siberian cats are very similar. they're gentle doggy- like giants who have the air about them that they've been smoking pot and don't want you to harsh their mellow.

i was trying to scare up some photos of lily and dermie but i have to go and write BAC 500 times on 500 cookies- so that will have to wait. until then, feast your eyes on The Lady Rimbaud, grandma's very favorite, as she emerges from the inner rings of Hell. all she needs is a wee little waiter/bell boy costume and she can:

" fly, my monkeys, fly!!!!"

and i called her Tripmaster Monkey for about a week when i first brought her home so this all is starting to make sense.

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