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i know i've mostly been focusing on dead women for this month but goths are zombie girls from the crypt so here's one of our gothic grandmommies working that bat waving eastern european living dead girl schtick long before anyone else even chief goth in denial siouxsie. this is a lovely video from someone who deserves a lot more attention than she's given. stateless, released in 1978, was a ground breaking record - you should get the original import version of stiff records not the re-recorded american version.

this is a chick who hangs out with hawkwind and wrote this, if you can believe it:

despite the accent , lene was born in america, transplanted to england as a teenager. here she is telling you who is in charge:

and while we're at it there's no fucking way that talentless old whore madonna wasn't influenced by lene lovich pal nina hagen, a staple of goth before a generation of boring hack djs flooded the scene with their mp3s and cds and their sexist bland neuter honkie vh1 tastes:

there's no international women's month without a woman who wears a big black dick on stage and explains where the clitoris is and why it's important to the kids on german romper room.

this was most definitely one of those signature linda lawrence tunes:

in keeping with the general theme of my current crop of posts it is relevant to point out that nina hagen is from east berlin and her paternal grandparents, who were jewish, died in Sachsenhausen concentration camp victims of the Holocaust. after the war, when the wall went up, it was still used as a prison- a " soviet special camp" for political undesirables where it continued to serve the same viciously fascist purpose. it was only made a memorial site after the Fall.

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