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where are you on germany 1939? where are you on now?

ofra haza was an israeli jew whose family was from yemen. she also happened to possess one of the greatest voices of the 20th century- a mezzo-soprano of impossibly pure tone. her freaking overtones are freakishly in tune. that she's not more lauded in the west is due to the anglo-centric state of the music industry and quite possibly the raging anti-semitism that engulfs the world although jew hating muslims of arab descent try desperately to make of her one of their own because she's of yemenite extraction- claiming it's all a big jew plot to make the greatest voice of the semitic world a jew slag when clearly her excellence implies she's anything but one.

nothing has been more disturbing to me than the acceptance of islam as the religion of peace that deserves to coexist, unchecked, in the free world and the majority toleration for theologically based governments and political movements that behead homosexuals,kill women for showing their ankles, set christians on fire and churn out a volume of anti jewish pr that would give hitler a permanent hard on. islam is nazism. islam is anti-female. islam is anti any religion but islam: that is islam is not inclusive, democratic and does not honor the will of the individual. islam means to eradicate all the jews, not just the secular state of israel. if israel did not exist. muslims would still oppress and kill the jews in their countries if given the chance. islam doesn't mean peace, it means submission by any means necessary. i ask you- why are you submitting , by supporting, making excuses for and giving legitimacy to the rantings of those whose religion encodes and sanctifies lying and murder as a means to establish a world wide caliphate of males under one male god allah? what other established theological system of any moral merit doesn't hold truth , at least in theory and in lip service, as the golden rule, the one thing that has not changed since the time of Isis? why are born again or even middle of the road christians in this country-who may vocalize opinions but have no power to stop you saying and reading whatever you want and going to have an abortion every month if you'd like-scripted in the popular parlance as nazis while the real ones have your unending sympathy as hapless victims of israel while they lob bombs at civilians, blow themselves up, mutilate their women, stone their homosexuals, force their christians at knife point to submit to allah and conspire to fly planes into buildings to kill as many infidels as possible?

one of the oldest settlements of jews was in what is now yemen- linked to both solomon and the queen of sheba in the bible. their practice of judaism is unique. with the rise of islam there in the 7c the persecution and oppression began in earnest. emigration to palestine began in the late 1800's and by 1920 the imam run government started reinstating ancient anti-jewish laws- including the forceable conversion to islam of jewish orphans. the newly created country of israel undertook Operation Magic Carpet to save the few remaining indigenous jews from their miserable fate under the peace loving merciful muslim run country. some did remain behind and recently had to be moved closer to the capital due to an extreme upswing in violence against them including the murder of a rabbi. this disturbing and ignored escalation in muslim dominated countries of violence against jews, christians and any nonmuslim or suspected nonmuslim should be a wake up call to us all that Islam means the death of the freedoms we associate with modern democratic societies and that there can be no tolerance for a religion that is little more than nazism with a beard , elaborate do- rag and prayer mat accessories- a form of nazism with far more adherents than the original german variety.

ofra haza died feb 23 2000 from what is alleged was complications from HIV infection. she's endlessly sampled but i feel that's because we no longer give critical and popular success to those who can actually sing so the popular performers have to rip off and sample those who can. if angels sing, this is what they sound like.

here's the original of Im Nin'Alu:


we are going disco:

jews and women are the canaries in the coal mine- they must be defended at all costs.

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