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it's taken me awhile to post about djing- but that's because i've had a migraine hovering over me about to drop some major damage all week, which the pain pills almost managed to keep at bay all of which has had me floating on a cloud of numbness that has me near dyslexic and confused. and sick to my stomach- there's only so many pills i can take before they start overtaking the headache in the render mittens dysfunctional quivering jelly sweepstakes. then my sinuses drain all sorts of bile down the back of my throat-good times!-and the pain stops.

first off both dj mothra and dj znuh are really easy to work with and are devoid of all the classic, unfortunate dj prima donna little bitch princess schtick that plagues a major portion the rest of the species. gracious, good natured guys in an arena that's generally filled with wankers.

i am all sorts of rusty and the cob webs definitely need more dusting off. i stopped spinning in clubs around 2000, only doing parties here and there for friends, and throwing down a mass of house music- dull soulless dance music that drones on at 122-128 bpms all night- would have been a lot easier than alternative -but that's a given. i was unsure of the audience and would have needed a lot more time with them in order to read them right- i wish i could have been more aware of their bent before i even began to pick out what to bring. i thought i did just ok but held back and as a result became scatter shot. i can be very random but usually tend to be able to reign it in with more finesse. but that requires a different format and is something that needs to be worked at with a crowd-it hardly ever happens one off. i was in the middle of someone else's night that i didn't want to fuck up. i do need to get my groove back though - the mojo needs some more risin'. people danced, the floor filled a few times and i played things for the most part that do not get played that often if at all and really truth told that's all i had hoped for.

i must say i thought that the audience isn't entirely in tune with what the night is intended to be. people were quite nice to me, made perfectly fine requests and were as friendly as goths tend to ever be but for the most part i think the scene or what's left of it has been plagued to the point of death( let's face it ceremony isn't really goth and at least admits as much and tt's is now, on saturdays, the bachelorette party headquarters- the clientele are getting more and more frat boy 'n 'ho on a bender. once clueless heterosexuals do the dirty dog to nitzer ebb with nary a hint of irony or sarcasm it's over.)by narrowly focused playlists that contract perpetually rather than expanding. there is more music in the world that doesn't have to even stretch to be called goth/ alternative besides wreath of barb and i walk the line between good and evil. we (meaning the dancers)really need to move on from the comfortable known same old shit that's been foisted at us perpetually for at the least the last 10 plus years. i've said it over and over in this elghey and i've no problem flogging it dead-those defining the scene musically have shamelessly narrowed the meaning of alternative/goth/ industrial to what basically amounts to a handful of 3rd wave so so gothabilly tunes and rather lame tedious house music those born when i graduated high school think is industrial.

the scene when it began was not like this at all- people experimented, played unusual and maybe whack shit and the audience was open enough to appreciate and not be scared to respond.

not knowing the song is not a good enough reason to not dance. i thought we were going out to hear music and dance . if we held djs to a higher standard and demanded they challenge us and open us up to things we've never heard but are awesome enough that you HAVE to dance we'd have thee magical scene again . conversely if we didn't act like lame limited passionless scared dancers we wouldn't have lame limited passionless scared djs. these things feed on one another- a circle of lame fearful people limiting themselves from experiencing joy. it's boring. why be bored when you can be excited? why are you scared of a fucking song?

turn on to thee bunny rabbit, baby. you know you want it. touch thee bunny rabbit. pet thee bunny rabbit. dance with thee fucking bunny rabbit!

one curious comment was made- and i did not take it negatively but did not entirely get the person's intended meaning nor did i understand to whom the comment was addressed. but it is for me an invitation to further go off - but in doing so much is explained and much will be revealed.( christ i even have photos, damn it, and that's almost proof.) it certainly helped me recall more from a time i was very much turning on to thee white rabbit. bare with me- my headache is just lifting and i've had to work a lot. i am not sure how much i'll manage to get out.

after the turntables were hooked up we had to make sure the signal was coming through so i grabbed a record from the crate and it happened to be think tree/ hire a bird.

on hearing a snippet of this: (hire a bird is right there for you to hear if you don't know it). someone said,

" who plays think tree in a club?"

..this will all eventually make sense... me and thee rabbit...

have a boy card until i can finish this:


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