mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

here to go

i think some of us need to deal with a few facts . and perhaps to grow up a little and open our hearts. there's nothing so classless and frankly selfish than the inability to at the very least restrain oneself from bitchiness and idle taunts/threats toward friends and acquaintances of long standing( who for years came out and were supportive when you were djing to empty rooms) who merely invite you to come and hear them dj again for the first time in many years- and on a night when you yourself are not working and your kingdom isn't open for business.

music is for everyone and the point if you are not yourself making any of any worth is to share it. djs for the most part are playing other people's music. music they did not create . music they do not own . it most cases not many dj spin with much finesse and with even less inspiration- with no genuine joy for the thrill of sharing and communicating something of worth to others.

you did not create the entire musical output of the 80s. you did not create the 80s revival night. ( it's not a revival if its merely music you never stopped playing through the years.) the music is not your personal domain that no one else better play or else they're ' fucking' with you. it's this sort of attitude that has destroyed the alternative clubbing scene in boston and fostered such a callous. bitter unfriendly atmosphere.

music is more important than any one person. music is the message. for 10 years i dj'd here. i purposely stopped and withdrew before i started to hate music for the filthy, corrupt, often times racist, money grubbing atmosphere churned up by clubs, club owners and self absorbed djs who didn't give a fuck about their audiences or the music because it was all about themselves.

and whomever said i was going to play fucking new wave or goth? if i was playing crunck of what difference would it make to someone playing house music or techno or new wave?

i think we most fear change when we know it's most necessary.

thanks to the generosity and good graces of someone who has always above all shown a devotion to music, not his own ego, the genuine nice guy with a vision, dj ZNUH, i am guest djing at machine this saturday. i was beyond thrilled to be asked especially by someone i have always felt a kinship with. music is one of the most important things in my life and always has been.i like to share it. i don't care if you know my name or not. i care if you dance and enjoy yourself and maybe, in your head, go somewhere else with the music. please come and i will fuck with you in a really pleasurable way.

call it 'underwear' if you want because that's the level you may be on- hell, wear just your fucking underwear and maybe for once someone will ask you to take it off. just don't be a zero.


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