mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

the power of the kryptonite pussy

so v and i and practically no one else went to see these.... ladies... last night, yo majesty. she was awesome and i say that because only one of them is left in the group. apparently they were a couple, broke up and the one in black stole the band's van and ended up ' incarcerated'. you have to love this- there's no getting away from the dyke one is safe , girl, from the deadly DD. anyway, what's left of them are going from gig to gig on fucking greyhound. despite the hardship and the fact that only a hand full of people showed up it was a great show- although frankly after djing the amazon slam for years i can pretty much do without the fucking sex and knee jerk leftist crap politics cum ' poetry' ie spoken word that lesbians always have to inject over the top of these things like death wish wine( whine?) sauce especially because the band was all about drinking and da pussy.

a woman opened for them who was fucking amazing but i can't find her stuff anywhere. the bus was late and so she went on unannounced before yo majesty and was fabulous- like lesbian crunk. i am instantly in love with anyone who raps things like ' i want to take these drugs to church' over techno snippets at a death defying rate of speed. she was so quick i didn't get her name.

anyway, enjoy:

oh and they are all out rappers if you didn't catch on. the irony of this is that the most conspicuously absent audience members were black men- the major producers, performers and purchasers of rap and hip hop music. the homophobia of the rap/hip hop community is the stuff of a million documentaries and you can throw into the mix overwhelming misogyny- even straight women who rap and are truly independent and refuse to be denigrated are treated poorly or simply ignored.

brothers ain't shit.

roxanne shante


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