mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

boots and donuts, opiates of a nation.

every time robert smith eats a donut, god creates another kitten:

laibach is the awesome and cats love them:

nice fucking boots:

not getting laibach is rather the point. westerners bitching about fascists who really aren't fascists or calling people who disagree with them ( in a democracy wherein everyone pretty much says and does whatever they fucking want no matter how libelous, erroneous, criminal, perverted or just stupid) Hitler just shows the smug ignorance of spoiled self absorbed whiney brats. no governmental entity created by modern humans has killed more people than those that call themselves ' communist' and/or ' socialist' which are denizens of the left wing of the political spectrum. if you've every really listened to and comprehended deeply the experiences of Holocaust survivors or victims of Stalin you would never dream of denigrating them by tossing out words like Nazi at anyone who just doesn't agree with your views on abortion or birth control or immigration.

the government is not the answer and if it says it is start looking for the exit.


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