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Hadrian the Brash
so it's the real deal- i will be guest djing in february.

everyone has one of those special dj names except me. i always just went by my first name because it's rare enough in these parts and besides my own name mittens is the only other name that really fits me.

but i did try the name generators- dj name , electro dj name, old skool dj name, drag queen name, adult film star name, middle earth name, medieval name, mexican wrestler name and the good old stand by- childhood pet's name and the street you grew up on( Smokey Woerd or Scampy South.). nothing really took but you be the judge- and make suggestions please.

Hadrian the Brash
Agnetha Anal
Pirate Harvey the Bitter
El Dragon Guapo
Hoochie Wizard Tee

bitter? me?

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machine ie downstairs at ramrod...first saturday in feb.

it's been kind of awhile- i don't think they use them there victrolas any more.... so no sisters of mercy 78s can be played.

Edited at 2009-01-15 06:22 pm (UTC)

You better believe it! We're very pleased to have you!

February 7th

The Triumphant Return of DJ Adrian

The best Oldschool / Newschool

Goth / Industrial / and more...

thank you so much... so exciting!

the future was yesterday:

you can pay homage to Full House with: DJ Tanner...


DJ {tl:dr}


DJ Hooker (homage to William Shatner)

DJ Neon Noodle

DJ Rambo

DJ Ohnoyoudi'int

DJ Guadalupe (for the cholas out there)

DJ Purple Bronco

DJ Bustelo

I can go on :)

dj not micheal j fox!

Congratulations on your DJDom. I think it is excellent that you are going to DJ.

Those names are hilarious up above.

Holy Crap.

If i have the cash

you better believe my ass will be out!

Re: If i have the cash

i'd love to see you. went to ceremony last week and their were a few of the old faces...just not the same at all.

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