mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

a sun conure called me a 'kibbit'... or tales from the amber

if i thought allston changed , i was in no way prepared for the transformation of the town where my mother lives and where i lived as a teenager.

my grandparents moved down there from newton in the first years of the 70's. there was a whole lot of nothing and the house was on the grounds of a farm. now there are houses built up all around, new roads, new aerodynamic school buildings and small strip malls every 2 miles. the salvation army is gone which severely pissed me off because i decided if i was going to brave the emotional storm of going home after a 7 year absence i was going to at least come home with some caruso 78s or a ratty copy of foxy's " get off":

i amassed a fairly reputable library from their then 25 cent book bin and all those oh so punk military and boy scout uniform pieces without which there would have been no teenage punque rocque/ new wave fashions. i hope they just moved-i forgot to ask if it was still around.

instead of at least scoring some minor musical trinket to make me momentarily feel some solace in bridging the chasm between my family and i, i came back with more information on what a complete and utter prick my father was, not that i was entertaining hope of it being otherwise, and my grandfather's high school ring which he wanted me to have. but my mother was really thrilled to see me, the new house (built after a fire in 2000) is nice and i acquired two new boyfriends- a chatty sun conure named Sunray who stared at me fascinated the entire time i was there, calling me a ' kibbit'( his word for cats) and quacking like a duck and the sweetest cockatiel i've ever come across, ruby, who sat on my wrist through all of dinner, eating pasta. ruby apparently sleeps in bed with my uncle, lying on his head or on his ankles like a dog.

not only did i unearth more unsavory tidbits about daddy dearest but more information on his absolutely loathsome mother. cold selfish people. i am both angry and incredibly sad.

i did learn that on the other side of the family, i am descended from a scottish professional sulky racer and fiddler:

sulky racer?


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