mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

where my Juice at?

the world is clearly ending. i don't expect a city to be frozen in amber like a prehistoric spider but some changes are just too much for me. the Hadassah Bargain Spot in allston, at the junction of comm ave and brighton ave where the T turns, is gone and apparently has been for over one year. how many crappy chain furniture/mattress/futon stores, non- mom and pop ethnic restaurants, and bad cookie cutter sports/ and or irish bars does a community need? how many does it have to pile on top of one another to be gutted of it's soul and destroyed?

being the first spate of free time i've had in quite a while, i've been rambling about doing nothing and whatever so i've been all about the thrift store record bin diving around town. i lived in allston for quite some time- for most of the 80s and 90s in several locations- so the hadassah, being the only thrift store in the general area for decades, was a constant. in the 80's i bought some awesome old skool men's tuxedo shirts and accessories there along with records , books, a few awesome framed art oddities- like original posters from the' treasures of tutankhamun' exhibit's visit to america- and the fucking holy grail- a full,pristine black armani suit for 20 bucks that freakin' fit ( cue choir of angles and small chillens). by the early 90's, i lived around the corner and a few more thrift stores appeared, most notably on brighton ave, but i always had to do the grand tour of the hadassah now and again . i really hadn't realized it had been so long since i spent any time in allston . when i first moved here, i still did most of my shopping there because i was used to it and it's really not that far away. alas ,allston and i have grown apart but it's changed so much over the last decade i am not sure that is such a bad thing. when bunratty's became a jazzy upscale BU bunghole hang out the end was neigh. then my friend of several decades and a woman with amazing taste, yolanda, was forced to move her fabulous record and book shop Diskovery -, another allston institution, to brighton because they jacked up her rent so much and mr butch died (he lived in my basement for years in the winter), rita hester, a transgender allston woman was brutally murdered( still unsolved 10 years on- and the Model became kool to emo brats.... the bell has tolled, the corpse is pressed, dressed and cold in the ground.

so i'm sitting shiva tonight for the Hadassah Bargain Spot/ allston: 1969- 2007

here's divine shop lifting( for real) at the Hadassah presumably in baltimore in 'mondo trasho':


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