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12 inches of da ghey
my 12 inch vinyl thrift finds this week:

janet jackson/ throb remix

pat and mick/ use it up ( fucking gay as a picnic basket and insanely popular when it came out. i loathed it at the time but had to play it until the grooves were burnt to shit. if it makes you feel any less gay, it was a one off benefit record. would bring everyone to the dance floor and then they'd ask you to play it again.):

lenny d and tommy musto/ bam boo

mtume/ juicy fruit ( sampled to death by rappers because most of them could never manufacture something this fine on their own):

howard devoto/ cold imagination:


freestyle- so important, so over looked. original electro's super fine sistah or is it hermana? this song is sooo fine:

lisa lisa and the cult jam/ can U feel the beat:


and i wonder if i take you home:


les rita mitsouko/ andy the jesse johnson remixes

sweet pea atkinson/ dance or die ( he was the singer of was(not was))

it's funny- i recognize the masking tape with the bpm written on it on some of the records as belonging to someone who worked at sporters.

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I used to buy records at the Salvation Army, after all of my records from "back in the day" in NYC were stolen out of my RI apartment. =(

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