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12 inches of da ghey
my 12 inch vinyl thrift finds this week:

janet jackson/ throb remix

pat and mick/ use it up ( fucking gay as a picnic basket and insanely popular when it came out. i loathed it at the time but had to play it until the grooves were burnt to shit. if it makes you feel any less gay, it was a one off benefit record. would bring everyone to the dance floor and then they'd ask you to play it again.):

lenny d and tommy musto/ bam boo

mtume/ juicy fruit ( sampled to death by rappers because most of them could never manufacture something this fine on their own):

howard devoto/ cold imagination:


freestyle- so important, so over looked. original electro's super fine sistah or is it hermana? this song is sooo fine:

lisa lisa and the cult jam/ can U feel the beat:


and i wonder if i take you home:


les rita mitsouko/ andy the jesse johnson remixes

sweet pea atkinson/ dance or die ( he was the singer of was(not was))

it's funny- i recognize the masking tape with the bpm written on it on some of the records as belonging to someone who worked at sporters.

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Nice! What shop did you go to?

goodwill- one in boston and one in somerville. it meant spending hours sitting in dust surrounded by way too many emo kids for my liking. fortunately they weren't interested in anything i was- who knows with kids these days ! they hoover up all the copies of ' ghost busters' and run off, the minxes .

i was at the salvation army here yesterday dropping off some clothes and I of course flipepd through the vinyl. Strangely there was a "Fad Gadget Singles" LP there, which I already owned. I did grab Cerrone IV and a Herb Alpert & Hugh Masekela LP though, and something on T.K. Disco that I can't remember right now.

i have found some real treasures in thrift stores but i always go into it thinking- could be a bust, you never know. i found if there's a batch of good records in one goodwill, you hit the others up too because the records get split between the stores randomly.

more if not most dj's going digital has been a boon and unfortunately so has record stores closing- batches of left overs show up. a lot of times i am getting seconds and thirds of records i already have- like lisa lisa- because i either wore out the copies or need doubles for mixing purposes.

i have even found throbbing gristle vinyl in goodwill- something of a shock but much rejoicing.

I used to buy records at the Salvation Army, after all of my records from "back in the day" in NYC were stolen out of my RI apartment. =(

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