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djinn's fishies
i finally got around to buying fish for djinn's tank- the thing has only been in my kitchen filled with 500 pounds of water for months. the cats did want a pet besides me and i got these inbred fancy goldfish because they reminded me of the lady djinn. they're fantailed black moors.

i don't suppose LOLfish will ever overtake catmacros..." i can has brine shrimp" anyone?

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Any names for the swimming ones?

Any attempts at retrieving their waterbound friends from the Ladies?:)

they're still just ' djinn's fishes' although there are 3 and they're all quite distinct. both rambo and djinn are fascinated with them and rambo stands atop the tank and makes those strangulated siamese meows and stomps her hooves. even before the fish they all liked hanging out by the tank and standing on it.

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