mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

il est ne le divin- horus, heir of endless time.

so what exactly is today all about? light? love? redemption? reindeer? it might well be about poodles:


for all the lies and outright sedition. most born again type christian denominations don't even believe jesus was born in december and harp endlessly about the many pagan aspects of christmas time worship and celebrations from yule logs to christmas trees. and while roman pagan celebrations like saturnalia did happen at winter solstice and did involve gift giving and candle lit trees there is an older ' light of the world' that was in all likelihood the template for nearly every aspect of the christ nativity story which ,even in the bible, is sketchy at best. all the salient points of the nativity myth- from wise men to virgin birth to the star of the east to the annunciation right down to the shepherds and the 25th of december comes from egypt thousands of years before the foundation of christianity.

Horus was born of a virgin , Isis or, more exactly, was conceived without the male which is a more accurate reading of the entire concept of any ' virgin birth'- it's parthenogenesis. isis is she who is unto herself- she doesn't need a human male or another god who is male to reproduce.( in the womb we're all created female .) his birth was announced to her by angels and heralded by sirius, the morning star. he was born at the winter solstice in a cave, witnessed only by shepherds and three wise men/ solar deities. as a child Herut attempted to have Horus murdered. after a coming of age ceremony, the narrative ends until he resurfaces , age 30, and is baptized in water. Anup the baptizer is later beheaded. Horus gives a sermon on the mount to his followers. he is brought to a mountain top and tempted by Sut aka Set aka the hebrew Satan. Horus resists. he walks on water, casts out demons, raises the dead and causes the blind to see. he dies by crucifixion along with 2 thieves and is buried in a tomb from which he rises witnessed only by women. he descends into hell for 3 days. he is called the savior of mankind, the light of the world, KRST( or ' the anointed one'), the good shepherd, the lamb of god, the bread of life and the fisher. his symbols are the fish, the vine and the shepherd's crook.

happy birthday Horus of the gorged out eye, savior of humanity- saving it from itself which thousands of years on seems a failed and impossible task for both gods, men and their sons. perhaps it's about time we started placing our hopes for redemption in the real Creator instead of males parading around like all that destroying one another and canceling out the humanity of females as a matter of course. any redemption song, any psalm of glory that incorporates the negation, vilification of what we all are genetically at base, female, is the product of evil not good and will never bring peace to earth nor to the individual soul.

as for the poodle and i, blame apogeeperigee. she wanted more christmas cards with pets . i'm such a dog i can't even recall this bitch's name- just one of a string of heart broken lap dogs from my trip to northern ohio. all the elements of annoying seasonal greetings are there- a freakin' dog in a sweater, the color red ( borrowed pajamas- mr mittens is an icy winter and can't really wear red.), dorky portrait of human sending the card- i'm feeling all festive already. i am also reminded of the strength card in the tarot:

originally called ' la force' or fortitude it shows us that strength comes primarily from within. picking your battles well and standing before opposition unflaggingly requires mastering one's own raging inner beasts and fears. inner vision and outer action need to be in balance and indeed life requires both. kindness is strength with the caveat that being a doormat is not part of the equation. misuse of strength belies a psyche mired in selfishness, lack of balance and lack of compassion, consumed with base forms of material self gratification not as supposed true self love . intolerance is the love child of pride and greed that passes for strength in this male identified world. most ' wild beasts' that beset one in life are either of one's own design or the depraved monsters created by others. wisdom comes from knowing when you can close it's mouth with your bare hands or need to blow the fucking thing away with a big gun.

no religion that lives by the sword and uses the grossest physical depredations of the human beast is holy or spiritually evolved. it's the female that will save the world and does so everyday through the miracle of birth. infinity lies in the feminine. all else is death and ill natured standard poodles.

and nothing really says xmas like faggoths:


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