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come on get happy...
i haven't been home to see my mother in over 6 years and i'm trying to lasso up the courage to get into HAL and go see her today. i have many issues with my family and have basically avoided them for the preservation of my own mental health. also, i tend to work surreal hours for the entire month before christmas so by the time i actually have a day off it IS christmas day and i don't have any reserves of energy both physical and psychic left to withstand the family sickness. but the death of my father has mommy dearest speaking in tones over run with hints at mortality so since none of them are about to change their ways and not be fucked up i have to make with the SWAT routine- get in, get out and hope no one gets hurt.

and since nothing says kwanzaa fun like family, malt liquor and shirley q. liquor and i actually can't drink because i have to drive and stay aware of when to flee all the togetherness: