mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

dancing madly backwards

i am reminded by anon that there was an older, original version of ' west end girls'- the version that got the pet shop boys signed to a major label although they themselves did not release it.

'sometimes you're better off dead' is the ' call me ishmael' of dance music- one of the greatest opening lines of all times. the pet shop boys , before they recorded, loved the music of bobby orlando, generally known as bobby o.- a transitional figure of the utmost importance between traditional disco and HiNRG and alternative dance music. the sparse production and airy feel of this version is very much part of his style. the first version of 'west end girls' released by bobby o:

he co-wrote several of the songs on that first album.

he also wrote and produced for divine including this 'blue monday' rip off, ' love reaction'. it's hard to fault bobby o.- it's his massive archive of sounds particularly from his HiNRG hits that provided the basic sounds used over and over by the likes of new order. mainstream america may not have been paying attention to it's own underground dance music but the pet shop boys and new order coming to america particularly to nyc to get american producers to arrange their music shows someone was listening- in europe- which is why house music and even techno was always bigger over there.

i have a big old gay mushy spot for HiNRG. here's bobby o.'s creation, the flirts- "dancing madly backwards". listen to the sounds- the pieces and how they're put together.

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